Slovakia backs enhanced control of Macedonian-Greek border

Interior Minister Agim Nuhiu met Monday with Slovakia's Ambassador to Macedonia Martin Bezak to discuss ways for the countries' ministries of internal affairs to resume their cooperation to guard Macedonia's southern border with Greece.

At the meeting, Minister Nuhiu thanked the Ambassador for Slovakia's positive response to the Macedonian Interior Ministry's request for extension of the project on strengthened control of the southern border in 2017, the Ministry (MoI) said in a press release.

"The project would be implemented along the Medzitlija border crossing starting from 22 January 2017. According to a decision of the Slovak Interior Ministry, it would last for a month with the purpose to prevent any likely influx along the Balkan route from re-emerging," read the press release.

Furthermore, the interlocutors praised the excellent relations fostered by Macedonia and Slovakia.


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