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National Gallery of Macedonia promotes monograph of academic painter Veljo Tashovski

National Gallery of Macedonia is to promote Thursday monograph of the academic painter Veljo Tashovski titled “Veljo Tashovski, Life and Work” in Daut Pasha Amam.

Monograph published by the National Gallery of Macedonia features kind of interpretation, analysis of the overall work of the author, with special emphasis on certain stages in his work, emphasising his important role in the development and affirmation of the Macedonian contemporary art.

Professor Vladimir Velichkovski is the author of the monograph. Professor Kostadin Tanchev-Dinka and art critic from Croatia Milan Beshlic will address the promotional event.

Veljo Tasovski (b. Osoj village, 1949) graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts – Painting in Ljubljana in 1975, where he obtained his master’s degree in 1979. From 1976 to 1985 he was the member of the Ljubljana Fine Artists Society and since 1976 he was the member of the Society of Fine Artists of Macedonia.

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