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Cinematographer Giuseppe Rotunno wins lifetime achievement award of Manaki Brothers festival

Italian cinematographer Giuseppe Rotunno has been named this year’s recipient of the Golden Camera 300 for lifetime achievements, the Manaki Brothers International Cinematographers’ Film Festival said Monday.

The 94-year-old director of photography is considered the founder of post-war Italian cinema with its ties to Italian neo-realism.

Rotunno has shot a myriad of cult movies and his is also known for his legendary cooperation with the director Federico Fellini, with whom he has worked on eight movies, including the award-winning masterpiece Amarcord.

“We have a record high and duly rightful representation of Italian cinematographers. Rotunno is a new member of the Club of the Greats. He is the greatest living cinematographer in the world, who has shot some of Fellini’s most influential works,” said the festival’s director, Blagoja Kunovski-Dore.

Rotunno will not be able to come to Bitola to pick up his award, which most probably would be presented to him in his home in Rome.

The 38th Manaki Brothers International Cinematographers’ Film Festival this year will take place in Bitola on September 23-30 under the motto Movie On! Touch the Light.

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