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After Success in Germany, Stefanovski Says He Will Aim for First Place in FIA ETCC Races

Igor Stefanovski Idze, Macedonia's best car racer, announced that he will aim for the first place in the FIA European Touring Car Cup, after his win at the Nurburgring race.

"Owing to the people in my team, I was able to win at one of the most difficult races in th world. This gives me hope, and gives hope to my entire team. We showed we are able to compete with far more experienced teams and we will try to reach the top place in the final three races", Stefanovski said.

Stefanovski was second in the first race and won the second race in Nurburgring, which brought him 18 points and took him to 3rd place. Swiss Christjohannes Schreiber leads the table ahead of Petr Fulin.

"The race at the Villa Real track in Portugal will be extremely difficult. It is important that I have a good result there, given that it brings double points to all competitors. Everybody who knows me, knows I never give up", Stefanovski said after the race in Germany. The race in Portugal is in late June, followed by the race in Belgium in mid September and the Czech Republic race in early October.

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