Eurovision fans left fuming when BBC coverage doesn't air Macedonia contestant's romantic proposal

Macedonia entry Jana Burceska accepted a proposal from her boyfriend live on air after revealing she was pregnant in a dramatic Eurovision first.
But British viewers were puzzled as people around the world flocked to Twitter to gush about the romantic scenes - since the footage had been omitted from the BBC's coverage of the second semi-final on Thursday night.
Outraged Eurovision Song Contest fans took to Twitter to lament the missing scenes, expressing their disappointment at missing the special moment.

'THERE WAS A PROPOSAL AND @bbceurovision SKIPPED IT??! #Eurovision', another posted, while a third fumed, 'I would rather have watched the proposal than Mel and Scott f***ing talking!'
Jana was stunned when her partner got down on one knee in the middle of her interview segment, sobbing as she accepted the ring.

Earlier in the evening, the singing hopeful had revealed she was expecting a baby, and the news went down a storm with fans worldwide.
She was seen going for a scan and shopping for baby clothes in a video montage aired before her performance.


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