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Soros paid millions to Macedonian NGOs before elections

“NGO Infocenter”, “MOF”, “Helsinki Committee”, “Metamorphosis”, “Action plus Resen”, “Focus Veles”, “Faculty for things that cannot be taught”, “Aqua Struga”, “Organization of women in the municipality of Strumica”, “Center for contemporary arts” and many other foundations are just some of the organizations which have received sums of millions of denars during the pre-election period in Macedonia, the “Stop Operation Soros” civic movement claims.

“SOS” presented the network for the financing of the organizations in Macedonia which are under the wing of Soros into whose accounts, they claim, have been paid not only annual sums of money, but also additional resources from Soros in key political moments in Macedonia, mostly prior to the beginning of election campaigns.

Nikola Srbov from “SOS” stated on Saturday that even before the election date was set in 2016, the accounts of the abovementioned organizations in Macedonia have received millions of denars from the Open Society Foundation.

“We are talking about sums of money which organizations receive in key political moments. Prior to the beginning of the campaign for the parliamentary elections, sums of money have been transferred in addition to the annual budget received by the organizations. We hope that this local investigation will help the investigation which is to be conducted by the US on the activities of the Embassy of the United States in Macedonia, regarding how the network spreads and how the money of American tax payers are spent,” Srbov pointed out.

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