Macedonian Government has prepared constitutional changes

At yesterday’s 92nd session, the Government made a decision on the constitutional changes, that is, to submit amendments to Parliament for which it will seek support. This is happening at a time when the grounds for amending the Constitution is not certain, because it requires a two-thirds majority in Parliament, that is, 80 MPs.

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia has determined the text in line with the indications presented in the discussion at the Government session and on the basis of Article 130 of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia and articles 193 and 194 of the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia has concluded to submit it to the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, with a proposal to the Assembly to review and to make a decision for accession to amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia,“ the Government said.

They appealed to all MPs, regardless of their political and national affiliation, to vote on the changes, as a way for Macedonia to move towards stability, security and economic prosperity.

MPs in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia expect a decision in this direction as an expression of respect for the will of the citizens who voted in the referendum, as well as the will of approximately 80% of the citizens who continuously declare that they approve the membership of our country in the EU and NATO. From today, the realization of this vision is in the hands of each MP individually , and it depends on them. They should make a decision that will make the Republic of Macedonia a better country, a place for every citizen to live in,“ the government said.

In the proposal, the content of the changes is defined, the first being the addition of the adjective “North” of Macedonia in the entire text of the Constitution.

Subsequently, an amendment to the preamble is required, in accordance to the Prespa Agreement, ie when referring to the tradition, a reference to the Proclamation from the First ASNOM meeting will be entered with its decisions.

Following the changes, according to a government proposal published on the government’s website, is the inviolability of the borders. A new amendment will declare respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of neighboring countries.

An amendment will be added, in addition to the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of 1992, and the novelty is “to declare concern for the cultural, economic and social rights of the Macedonian people and all of our citizens abroad, without means interfering in the sovereign rights of other states and in their internal affairs, in any form and for any reason. ”


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