Ivanov: Turkey Respects Our Constitutional Name And The Court Of Hague

It is our responsibility to prepare those who come after us to be moral and ethical leaders with character, integrity, humility, focus on people, responsibility and passion. Not to be afraid of the unknown, but bravely and wisely to face the challenges, President Gjorge Ivanov said at today's Global Leadership Forum, which takes place at the University of Bahçeshehir in Istanbul.

"Instead of figuring out problems, we need to offer creative solutions," Ivanov said and put forward several proposals that would improve the world order. In addition to the need for a new global ethics, he also calls for open debate in multilateral institutions.

"As the world order needs effective multilateral institutions, the institutions need international law. The old international institutions need to adapt to the challenges and opportunities of the third millennium. For example, the European Community, that is, Europe 1.0 in 1993 grew into the European Union and thus created Europe 2.0. It is now time for the EU to expand and deepen and become Europe 3.0, "he said in his address.

Ivanov also referred to the problems arising from relativizing the truth and manipulating public opinion, pointing out that without respect of the given word, the trust in the system will disappear.

"It is enough to look at the situation with international law. The Republic of Macedonia has been waiting for seven years to comply with the 2011 International Court of Justice ruling in The Hague regarding the Greek blockade of NATO. One of the rare members of NATO who verbally respect the verdict is the Republic of Turkey, which always uses our constitutional name in principle. And we are very grateful for that, "Ivanov said.

Politicians, ambassadors and prominent professors from Turkey and the world are participating in the Global Leadership Forum. The crossroads of international alliances, sustainable peace in the Middle East, the future of the EU, were part of the discussion topics at the forum.


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