NBRM presents first polymer banknotes

The National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia (NBRM) presented Monday the first polymer banknotes in denomination of Denar 10 and Denar 50, which will be put into circulation as of May 15.

The difference between polymer and paper notes is the material used for their printing, whereat polymer banknotes are made from polymer such as biaxially oriented polypropylene.

Instead of watermark included in paper notes, polymer banknotes will contain a transparent window in which all recognizable elements from their original design. A stylized drawing of a peacock is presented at the denomination of Denar 10, while engraving of an early Byzantine coin is included in denomination of Denar 50.

Polymer banknotes contain security thread, micro text visible only with a magnifying glass, double registration mark and hidden image, including also UV feature. Blind or visually impaired people will be able to identify banknotes due to a special feature built in to help tell notes apart.

According to NBRM decision, on the day when the polymer banknotes in denomination of Denar 10 and Denar 50 are put into circulation, the banknotes in the same denomination shall cease to be a legal means of payment.


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