TA NEA: Contract now, Completing in two years

Achieving an agreement now and gradually completing it in two years, are the two features of the script on a table published by the Greek weekly Ta Nea.

- At the first reading, the most important element of this version of the agreement is the emergence of the intention of the neighbors to accept the full name (erga omnes) for the name that will be agreed (the names prevail in Upper Macedonia, Nova Makedonija), the newspaper writes and comments that the Macedonian side changes the attitude of using the constitutional name inside the country.

According to the newspaper, the agreement cannot be now and immediately but gives time, probably two years for the implementation of erga omnes. The Macedonian side considered, "Ta Nea" writes, that this two-year period is satisfactory to make the necessary constitutional changes, whether with or without announcing elections.

According to MIA correspondent in Athens, "Ta Nea" writes that for Macedonia to make these concessions, it is seeking to provide urgent tangible results, ie entry into NATO and start of accession negotiations with the EU.

- In terms of the two-year period, Athens is silent. However, according to the information, they could agree on an indefinite period of time required by the other party (one year for example) during which steps will be taken to implement the complete binding agreement, which will be achieved at the beginning, each time to implement the agreed points, and not to discuss them again, the newspaper writes, and explains that a complete agreement is needed, a binding period of time for implementation only, and that is "the way in which Skopje could reach official time and integration. "

- Then, if it goes according to the map (reporting in the official UN manner and obligations regarding the new name and scope of use), the ratifications in the parliaments for the integration of the neighboring country as a full member of NATO are followed, writes "Ta nea", and the news for Macedonia is being transmitted by MIA.


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