Ex SDS head Kunovska requests help from professors to translate Zaev’s statement

Former head of the SDS’ Skopje office, Sofija Kunovska has asked for assistance from professors and legal experts to translate Zaev’s latest statement in the name negotiations.

In her social media profile, Kunovska quotes Zaev:

“Maybe we don’t speak enough, erga omnes means my opinion against everyone else, this is erga omnes, whereas inter-partes now that’s also relations between two, between Macedonia and Greece. Now erga omnes appeared in addition for internal use, but this is a political question. Why political? Because both sides have to find a solution that’s mutually acceptable in order to pass through the institutions of both countries. I can say that the creativity in this part of the solution are wide open, probably. We talked, if we had a referendum, does it mean a solution for a certain period, and not right away, maybe right away, this is the best, now this is the modality that’s being negotiated, that’s the framework that’s so important, the time frame for making the decisions.” stated Zaev, quoted by Kunovska.

– If this man (Zaev) negotiates as precisely as his statement, not even God himself can help this country – says Kunovska in her FB profile.

Kunovska had a fallout with the SDS back in 2016 when she openly challenged Zaev and his plans to serve foreign interests in the country. As a result she was removed from the SDS leadership position in Skopje.



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