PM Zaev expects strong reaction from Russia over Macedonia's NATO accession

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has said that NATO and EU are the only alternatives for Macedonia, expecting a strong reaction from Russia when the time comes for the country's accession to the Alliance.

In an interview with Montenegrin radio station "Antena M", PM Zaev says he is prepared for a fierce reaction from Moscow, similar to the one when Montenegro joined NATO.

"They reacted about Montenegro and we are prepared for this, since there is no other alternative for my country. I repeat, we want to enhance cooperation with Russia, for example by selling more agriculture products there. However, there is no other alternative for us, EU and NATO are our options", says Zaev.

He is prepared for everything in the achievement of these objectives.

"I am aware of the assassination attempts that were prevented. Some analysts say it's my turn now. If something is supposed to happen, then be it. I accepted this job of being prime minister, my country needs a leader and I am prepared to take decisions that our citizens expect, regardless of the stakes", stresses PM Zaev and voices conviction that Macedonia will become NATO's 30th member.


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