The Last Church Bells wins short film award in Montreal

The Last Church Bells, a short film directed by Nikola Popovski starring Meto Jovanovski, won the first prize at the 41st Montreal World Film Festival in its category.

“Ten days ago I thought that merely participating at a festival like the one in Montreal is a great honor and responsibility. But, winning it is an acknowledgement to all who participated in making this film”, said Popovski.

The film tells the tale of loneliness, as an old man uses a church bell to communicate with a friend from the neighboring village. Producer Goce Kralevski added that the film will soon compete in the short film festival in Drama in Greece.

DNF films was supported by the Macedonian Film Agency in producing The Last Church Bells, which also stars Sanja Nikolovska Najdovska and Viktor Najdovski.


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