Hillary still blames Macedonia for her Election Loss

In her new book, Hillary  Clinton blames everyone, of course this includes Macedonia.
Apparently, it was Macedonian news platforms that prevented Hillary from winning the US elections.

So who are these… to quote Hillary Clinton “(fake) Macedonian news platforms”?

Apart from our Government run agency MIA, for 12 years we’re the only English speaking news platform, but she makes it sounds as if there are a 1000 of them.

Sure, we certainly weren’t on the fake news bandwagon of CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS… in their 24/7 cheering for Hillary. We did report who she really is, who she works for, how unintelligent she is and lastly how corrupt she is. If that put us in her ‘fake’ category, well so be it.

Watch the Fox News segment with Tucker Carlson and his guest Mark Stein, starting at 14:14… It goes on for five minutes before moving onto another segment.



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