Milososki: The Government needs to withdraw from the signed Аgreement with Bulgaria

While there is still time, the Government needs to withdraw from the signed Agreement between Macedonia and Bulgaria, as it has essential shortcomings. And in the medium and long term, it will open up more disputable issues, than it will close issues.

VMRO-DPMNE’s Executive Committee member, Antonio Milososki today stated this at a press conference.

“The Joint Intergovernmental Commission will hold regular meetings, once a year, in order to review the effective implementation of this Agreement. What does this mean? Through this intergovernmental commission for the supervision and implementation of the bilateral agreement, they will have the legal right to obstruct Macedonia in its aspirations. This obstruction may be a procedure for blocking the opening of a particular chapter or blocking the procedure to close a particular chapter for negotiations with the European Union”, said Milososki.

He believes that the Agreement “will not build trust between the Macedonian and Bulgarian people, on the contrary, it will open up further stereotypes.”


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