Military Museum hosts exhibition on ARM's 25th anniversary

An exhibition, featuring photos, military equipment, weapons and exclusive items of the armament of the Macedonian Army (ARM) used in the past 25 years, was opened Thursday at the Military Museum in Skopje.

The exhibit marks the 25th anniversary of the ARM, which falls on August 18.

"In quarter of a century of existence of our country, the Army is being remembered in its history with major achievements and memorable events, and sadly with events that no one wished for. For the sake of our country, for the citizens of Macedonia, we need unity like never before, regardless of gender, religion, ethnic background or political affiliation. We need to join forces to accomplish our goal of standing together under the flag of the Republic of Macedonia as a full-fledged member of NATO and the EU," Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska said opening the exhibition.

We owe it to our homeland and to all the generations that have fought for its freedom and independence. We owe it to the generations to come as well, the Minister noted.

The Army of the Republic of Macedonia is always at the forefront for its country and the citizens as demonstrated by its actions taken to battle the blazes earlier this month or to address the consequences of last year's floods.

"ARM servicemen are the best ambassadors of Macedonia in the international community, which has been confirmed by their participation in international peace missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, BiH, Lebanon, etc.," DM Sekerinska said mentioning that the Army had undertaken several processes of transformation in the past several years.

The month-long exhibition dubbed "25 Years of ARM" has been prepared by the Military Museum of Macedonia.

The opening of the exhibit was attended by ARM's Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Metodija Velickovski, Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi, Minister of Culture Robert Alagjozovski, high-ranking officials of the ARM and the Defense Ministry, ambassadors, military attaches to Macedonia, etc. 


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