Macedonian authorities declare state of emergency due to heatwave

Macedonia's ministry of health informed Saturday that a state of emergency was declared in Macedonia for three days due to the heatwave that has hit the country.

Given that high temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius will continue during the weekend and the upcoming week, the health ministry here presented early Saturday a set of measures to cope with the current heat wave.

According to the ministry, pregnant women and citizens over the age of 60 must be given leave from work.

On the other hand, the ministry said in its announcement that citizens must avoid outdoors work during the peak hours.

Further, the ministry said that together with Macedonian Red Cross, they would help the homeless people with water and shelter.

Macedonia has been swept by a heatwave since days ago.

As a result, many fires have started in different districts.

Therefore, authorities have urged citizens to be careful and not to start new fires, or they would face severe sanctions.


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