UEFA Super Cup in Skopje: Ticket Details announced yesterday

The European House of Football has released information pertaining to the upcoming Super Cup between Manchester United and Real Madrid in the Macedonian capital.

The ticket prices range between 15 and 50 euros. Applications for a ticket can be submitted from today up until July 4th.

Here is the link to register and submit your information to get a ticket.

23000 tickets are available for purchase, and Macedonians do not have an advantage in getting these tickets. They are essentially available to the ‘world’. FFM spokesman Zlatko Andonovski confirmed for MINA that applications are arriving from virtually every corner of the world, including but not limited to Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile etc.

12,500 tickets are already reserved for fans of Manchester United and Real Madrid, UEFA guests, high ranking officials of all European football federations and media.



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