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Serbian All-Girl Metal Band JENNER Performs In Skopje, Macedonia (Video)

Video footage of the Serbian all-girl metal band JENNER performing on March 25 at Rock Club Shadows in Skopje, Macedonia can be seen below.
JENNER released its debut album, "To Live Is To Suffer", on February 20 via Infernö Records.
Formed in December 2013, JENNER is said to be the only all-girl metal band from the Belgrade area.
"To Live Is To Suffer" was made available as a CD and cassette tape, with both formats limited to 1,000 copies each.
The track listing for the effort is as follows:
01. Factory Of Death 02. Hear The Thunder Roar 03. Demon's Call 04. The Heath Is Coming Again 05. On The Judgement Day 06. How Deep Is Your Greed 07. Silent Killer 08. Opened (On The Table)
The track "How Deep Is Your Greed" can be streamed below. Also available is an album teaser.
JENNER released a two-song demo in 2015.
Anđelina Mitić (vocals) Aleksandra Stamenković (guitar) Mina Petrović (bass) Marija Dragićević (drums)

SOURCE: Blubbermouth

Football: Belarus falls to Macedonia

Second consecutive win for Macedonia as the Lynx recorded another 3:0 win, this time against a much stronger opponent in Belarus.
Liechtenstein and Belarus will be a happy March tale for coach Igor Angelovski and the national team. The 3 points won with a 3:0 score in Vaduz in the 2018 World Cup qualifications were later joined by another great performance. Macedonia defeated Belarus in a friendly in Skopje four days later with the same score, just different scorers.
If Nestorovski scored a brace in Vaduz, this time it was Pandev who celebrated two goals. If Nikolov was jubilant for his debut opener goal in Liechtenstein, against Belarus the same did Spirovski.
In these two games we saw a different team: players determined to win, playing with passion and hunger. Lead by Pandev who was more then eager to score, running around like a debutant, showing a great will to bring Macedonia back on the winning path. Nowadays he has Nestorovski to share his passion with, another attacker for w…

Macedonia becomes official beef exporter in EU

Macedonia has been officially included in the list of countries-exporters of fresh beef in the European Union, said Food and Veterinary Agency director Zoran Popovski on Wednesday.
"As of March 7, Macedonian meat processing companies and slaughterhouses can export beef not only in EU members, but also third countries. This means distribution to new markets, but also a chance for fresh domestic and foreign investments in the sector", said Popovski.
As of January, Macedonia has been also included in the list of countries-exporters of eggs, poultry, poultry meat and fish at the EU markets.

First Review of Modern Greek Film in Macedonia

The first review of modern Greek film in Macedonia will be held from 28 to 30 March in Cinema Frosina in the Skopje-­based Youth Cultural Centre.
Five feature films and a short film “Fig” (Greek­-Swedish co-­production), which won award for best short film at KineNova International Film Festival Skopje 2016, will be screened.
The event is organised by the KineNova Skopje aimed at presenting cinematography and establishing closer communication between the Macedonian and Greek film industries.
Special guest of the event will be Christos Karapapelis, director of the feature documentary “Raw Material.”

Last second goal brings Vardar a win against Buducnost

Vardar’s women’s handball team was able to beat Buducnost in the regional VRHL league, even though they had to play without four players from their starting line-up. Andrea Penezic scored the winning goal in the last seconds of the match, for a 28:27 win.
Vardar was far more confident in the first half, which it won with 15 goals to 11, mostly owing to solid defending. In the second half, it was touch and go, and the host team was able to even out the game. But, Penezic was in top form, scoring a total of 11 goals throughout the game.
“It was clear that we are undermanned and down to 7-8 players. But we will make up for it in the coming games”, said coach Aco Stankovski.
Vardar’s next VRHL games are in Ljubljana on April 1st and 2nd, against Krim and Podravka.

Another Czech police team goes to help protect Macedonian border

Another police team left the Czech Republic yesterday to help protect the Macedonian border near the town of Gevgelija in the next weeks, Police Presidium spokeswoman Ivana Nguyenova told CTK, adding that this is the ninth police mission of its kind.
The team will stay in Macedonia until May 9.
Prague has sent a total of 294 police officers within the rotating missions so far, Nguyenova said.
"The officers will mainly perform preventive activities, i.e. checks of people and supervision of the public peace, in Gevgelia, a town near the Macedonian-Greek border," she said.
The team's equipment includes off road vehicles and thermal vision devices.
The 40-strong team includes 28 newcomers who never served in Macedonia before, and also two police dog handlers with three dogs.
At the same time, the police team that stayed in Macedonia from February returned to the Czech Republic this morning.
The Czech police's foreign missions started in 2015 when the migrant crisis brok…

Macedonia-Mexico Business Forum

The Economic Chamber is organizing Monday a business forum that will bring together representatives of Macedonian and Mexican companies.
The forum: Macedonia & Mexico - Opportunities for Business, Stronger Bilateral Cooperation, is organized in cooperation with Mexico's Embassy in Serbia, the Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade Investment and Technology (COMCE) and the Agency for Promotion of International Trade and investment - ProMexico.
The Economic Chamber notifies the automotive, food processing, creative industries and renewable energy resources as possible sectors for cooperation between Macedonian and Mexican companies.

Dragan Dautovski Concert Opens Days of Macedonian Music Festival

The 40th Days of Macedonian Music festival will open Monday evening with a concert of instrumental music of Dragan Dautovski in the Macedonian Opera and Ballet.
The event, which is organised traditionally by the Macedonian Composers' Association – SOKOM, will offer ten concerts, workshops, presentations, and lectures until April 13.
At the concert titled “Apocalypticum” Dragan Dautovski will play tambura, the glass ocarina (globular flute) and a glass pipe – traditional instruments. His son Ratko Dautovski will accompany him on the percussion.
The jubilee Days of Macedonian Music festival is held when SOKOM celebrates its 70th anniversary. Therefore festival’s program was conceptualized to contain many Macedonian authors from different generations, including older generation composers and founders of SOKOM as Gajdov, Prokopiev, Skalovski and second generation including Zografski, Prosev, Vlastimir Nikolovski as well as young authors, festival’s program selector Jana Andreevska sa…

IPIS poll: majority of citizens believe elections did not resolve the political crisis, want a revote

A solid majority of Macedonian citizens believe that the December elections failed to resolve the political crisis, a poll conducted by the Institute for Political Research (IPIS) showed.
According to the poll, 65,5 percent of the citizens believe that the elections failed in their goal to resolve the two years long political crisis, while 23,2 percent believe they did and 11,3 percent had no opinion. Asked whether holding new general elections would be the way out of the crisis, 45,8 percent of the voters said yes. On the other hand, some 35,5 percent believe that President Gjorge Ivanov should give the mandate to form a Government to SDSM leader Zoran Zaev. Ivanov has refused to do so after SDSM adopted the controversial Tirana platform.
Broken down by ethnicity, 55,6 percent of Macedonians believe that there should be new elections, while 30,2 percent want Zaev to be given the mandate. Among ethnic Albanians, 55,5 percent favor giving Zaev the mandate, and only 9,2 percent called …

Pandev ambassador of 2017 UEFA Super Cup

Macedonian national football team captain Goran Pandev was promoted Monday as ambassador of the 2017 UEFA Super Cup to be played in Skopje this August.
Pandev thanked for the honor to be the ambassador of the August 8 match at the refurbished 33,500-capacity "Telekom Arena".
The UEFA Super Cup is contested by the reigning champions of the two main European club competitions, the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.
"We will host one of the biggest events organized by UEFA. We are proud to host the event and thank UEFA for the trust. This is a dream of past generations of football enthusiasts. We have a stadium that meets all UEFA standards and one of the best in the region. It is an honor to have Goran Pandev as the Super Cup ambassador", said Football Federation of Macedonia (FFM) president Ilco Gjorgjioski.

ATR Calls for End to Taxpayer Funding of Soros-led Organizations in Macedonia

Americans for Tax Reform, one of the leading conservative organizations in Washington, joined in the calls to investigate the work of the US Embassy and USAID Mission in Macedonia, saying that if allegations of partisanship are true, "not a penny should be used to interfere in Balkan domestic politics".

ATR, an organization led by anti­tax crusader Grover Norquist, issued a press release on the push by members of Congress to investigate the work of the Embassy which was addressed to the new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.
"If these allegations are true, USAID is funneling money to Soros­backed organizations that work to foment political unrest in Macedonia and other Balkan states. This wasteful and destructive pattern of spending on the part of USAID undermines international conventions on diplomatic relations and state sovereignty ­ all at the expense of the taxpayer. There is no justifiable reason why American citizens and businesses should be bankrolling Macedonian…

New brochure and film for Macedonian tourism products

The Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism will promote Macedonia’s tourism products through a brochure and a short film, as well as fresh promotional materials for exhibition purposes at foreign markets.
“The brochure contains authentic photographs and texts on Macedonian tourism destinations. The most significant, historic, archaeological and cultural landmarks, food and wine, rural tourism, events and other tourism­related attractions are presented at 52 pages”, says the Agency.
The 16­minute film tickles the curiosity of every tourist, presenting the country’s tourism destinations, mountains, lakes, rivers, attractions, history, culture and archaeology, accompanied by music produced by traditional Macedonian instruments.
The brochure and the film are available in ten languages – Macedonian, English, German, French, Turkish, Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Polish and Italian.
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City Tree Billboard Installed in Downtown Skopje

City Tree ­ a green billboard designed to purify ambient air, was promoted Wednesday in downtown Skopje. It serves as a filter to compensate for pollution caused by 417 cars annually. It is easily adaptable and has the effect of 275 trees, but it cannot replace them. The climate change protection project City Tree was promoted in Skopje by the Eko­Svest NGO and the German embassy.
The same billboard was opened yesterday in Tetovo. The installation consists of many individual pots in which two types of plants have been planted. They can absorb tiny particles, particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5), heavy metals, sulfur and nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, etc. Speaking at the promotion, German Ambassador Christine Althauser said good air, good water and unpolluted environment were benefits equally important not only for Oslo, which also featured such an installation, but also for Skopje, Tetovo and Bitola.
"Germany's foreign ministry in 2016 with finances from th…

Manevski: USAID - First Donаtor of Soros in Macedonia

Soros' Open Society Foundation acts as a non-governmental government in Macedonia, and the largest donations it receives are from USAID, former minister Mihajlo Manevski writes, in a column published in Dnevnik daily.
Last few months, Soros' Open Society Macedonia Foundation - FOOM, and the non-governmental organizations under its cap, have disagreed strongly and have poured crocodile tears, as if a terrible accident hit them. They complain to representatives of foreign countries, organizations, and ambassadors. They complain everywhere, and they attack the public institutions and the government, which put pressure on their work. Some electronic and printed media and portals, controlled and financed by them, have continuously published headlines that with the controls of the Public Revenue Office, The Finance Police, and the Ministry of Interior, an attack on the NGOs was carried out, and that the PRO and the FP were abused for making a case against NGOs. The atmosphere is he…

Macedonian food and wine companies will exhibit products in major Moscow center

Ten Macedonian food exporters will be the first companies to exhibit at the center that will be opened on Thursday in Moscow, in cooperation between the Macedonian Embassy, the Eur­Asian Business Council and the Russian company Macedonian Home.
On display will be cheeses and teas, dried and canned vegetables, liquors, wines and other products “Made in Macedonia”. Displayed within the major Moscow business center will be products from Tikves, Popova Kula and Dalvina wineries, the Zdravje Radovo dairy company, Swisslion and many others.
“The Food City center in Moscow has an annual turn­over of 1,8 million tons of foodstuffs and spans 345.000 square meters. Some 36 countries and 80 Russian regions are represented in the center and Macedonian exhibitors will have a unique opportunity to connect with customers from other Eur­Asian development zone countries such as Belarus or Armenia”, said Dejan Beshliev, executive director of the Macedonian – Russian Chamber of Commerce.
Business repre…

Macedonia: Unemployment rate dropped to 23,7 percent

State Statistics Bureau informed that the unemployment rate for 2016 was at 23,7 percent, and the employment rate reached 43,1 percent.
The labour participation rate is 56,5 percent.
By numbers, out of 948.599 persons in the active age group, 723.550 were employed and 225.049 registered as unemployed. The results show an improvement compared to 2015. The unemployment rate then was at 26,1 percent, and employment was at 42,1 percent with the labour participation rate at 57 percent. In the fourth quarter of 2016, the unemployment rate fell further, to 23,1 percent, a historic low for Macedonia.
By gender, men make up 61,3 percent of the active workforce over 15, while women are 38,7 percent. The Bureau informed that 555.894 people were employed in privately owned companies, while 167.657 worked for companies with public or mixed ownership structures.

Citizens said: Soros get out from Macedonia

George Soros is the man who’s stirring the sovereignty of Macedonia to implement his policy. We saw how his policies were manifested in the Public Office of the President, George Ivanov, said one of the members of the civil initiative “Za zaednica Makedonija”, Bogdan Ilievski.
He also recalled on the last year’s events, when the activists of the etc. Colorful Revolution crashed into the Public Office.
– You can see that our re-opened Public Office, looks gorgeous with the Macedonian flags, representing the institution President.
“Puppeteer and his toy”, “NO to Soros Government” and “Rama = Soros platform” are just some of the many banners emphasized by the citizens on today march.

Pic of the Day - Macedonian Flag in front of White House


Construction of Negotino-Bitola gas pipeline according to plan

Works for the construction of a 92-kilometer major gas pipeline linking Negotino and Bitola via Kavadarci and Prilep are under way. An estimated €37 million will be invested in the construction.
The gas pipeline is expected to be put into function in mid-2019 at the latest. By the end of 2017, Kavadarci will become the first consumer of natural gas with Prilep following suit in September or October 2018.
In parallel, nearly 60% of the Stip-Negotino gas pipeline is finished and is slated for inauguration by year's end. A gas pipeline from the Kumanovo village of Klecovce to Stip is already completed. Construction works are underway for a gas pipeline section Skopje-Tetovo-Gostivar.
The first stage of the construction of a primary gas pipeline is nearing completion. It is planned to encompass close to 70% of gas consumers.
Construction works are carried out according to the planned dynamic with no delays being detected so far, according to Krste Miladinov, head of the Macedonian En…

Number of Pupils and Students in Macedonia Drops

A total of 185,119 pupils attended classes in regular elementary schools by the end of 2015/2016 school year, which is a drop of 1.7 percent compared to the previous school year, statistics show.
The number of students in high schools by the end of 2015/2016 school year was 77,625 ­ a 5.1 percent decrease compared to the previous school year, according to data of the State Statistical Office of Macedonia.

UEFA Super Cup Trophy arrives in Macedonian capital

The trophy for the winner of the UEFA Super Cup, scheduled to take place at the Philip II National Arena in Skopje, is displayed Saturday in the Macedonian capital.
Football fans will get the chance to see in person the trophy, which is displayed at the entrance of the Hall of Football in Skopje.
"Our citizens have the opportunity to embark on a unique adventure and all Macedonians can be part of the core of the Super Cup having to see the UEFA Super Cup trophy," said Ilco Gjorgjoski, head of the Football Federation of Macedonia.
The UEFA Super Cup will take place on 8 August 2017. The annual football match is contested by the reigning champions of the two main European club competitions, the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.

Russia: Foreign interference into Macedonia must stop

“It is necessary to stop external interference in the internal affairs of Macedonia and to respect the right of Macedonian citizens to independently decide their own destiny in accordance with the fundamental democratic principles. We call upon all political forces in Macedonia and foreign mediators from the EU and US to follow the road for solving the internal situation in Macedonia through dialogue, within the context of the existing legal democratic procedures by respecting the procedures and decisions of the legitimate government, by bearing in mind the improvement of the stability and the social harmony in Macedonia”, said the speech by Lukashevich during the session of OSCE’s Permanent Council that was also published on the website of the Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Russian diplomat stressed that despite the will of the Macedonian people, some forces are trying, by using the Albanian minority, to bring to power politicians that lost at the elections in Skopje.

Macedonian president: We are on threshold of birth of ‘a new world’

There is a need to understand today’s problems to perceieve the future, said President of Macedonia Gjorge Ivanov.

He made the remarks addressing a panel discussion entitled “The Future of International Relations”, held as part of the Fifth Global Baku Forum on March 16, APA reported. 
The president noted that that the current period is very frightening to many people.
“We are living in a period in which there are terrorists and jihadists. These people are spreading false news to cause fear. What happened so far has reached its peak,” said Ivanov. “In fact, we are on the threshold of the birth of a new world. We have lived in fear until now, but from now on, we must live with the hope of creating a new world.”
According to the Macedonian leader, the new world will be polycentric and there will not be a single society and a single culture.
“This will lead us to a natural period. The new world is in the hands of young people, who suffer from unemployment. Therefore, the EU must regain …

Ivanov: Macedonia Example of Double Standards and Hypocrisy of International Order

Double standards of the liberal order have denied us our identity right, but also the right for prosperity, said macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov in his address at the 5. Global Baku Forum on Thursday.

Ivanov stressed that Macedonia's independence started by celebrating political liberalism and order, while the idea for freedom had the power to transform the society, the President's Office said in a press release.
"Macedonia became the region's leader of European and Euro­-Atlantic integration, but was still faced with a big paradox", he added.
According to him, Macedonia is an example of a collapse of the liberal order following World War II.
"Macedonia is the only country in the UN that has no right of its identity. It is denied the right for self-identification, the fundamental right of every individual and country in the international order. Macedonia is also stripped of its right for prosperity through the hindering of its NATO and EU integration. Th…

Kiril Lazarov in the Running for Handball Ballon D'Or

Macedonian handball team captain Kiril Lazarov is in the running for the handball Ballon D'Or or Golden Ball award, due to his great performance at the Champions League with Barcelona.
Lazarov is the seventh best scorer of the League, with 71 goals, tied with Hulen Aginagalde. Hungarian Gabor Csaszar leads the roster with 84 goals.
Vardar's Aleks Dushanbaev is the best scorer among Macedonian handball teams, with 64 goals. Timur Dibirov, Nemanja Obradovic and Igor Karacic, who play for Vardar and Metalurg, also made it into the top 50.

Association 'Ilinden' Launches Campaign for Macedonians in Albania to Declare Ethnic Origin

Tirana-­based Macedonian Association 'Ilinden' has launched a media campaign to stimulate Macedonians living in Albania to openly declare their ethnic origin.
The campaign, dubbed 'Hold Your Head Up - Declare Yourself as Macedonian', is launched in Macedonian, Albanian and English language, Ilinden chair Nikolla Gjurgjaj says.
"Macedonians are mainly concentrated in Mala Prespa, Gora, Golo Brdo. Ethnic Macedonians also live in Tirana, Elbasan, Durres, Korca and other cities," Gjurgjaj says.
The associations of ethnic Macedonians estimate that about 120,000 to 150,000 Macedonians live in Albania. Only about 4,000 Macedonians living in Mala Prespa are officially recognized as a minority population.

Senators Send Letter to US Secretary of State to Request Investigation for Soros Meddling in Macedonia

Six influential senators in a letter to the new US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson present cruel criticism towards Jess Baily and thereby request an investigation in the State Department for funds to USAID and George Soros. Among the senators is the former presidential candidate of the Republicans, who comes from one of the largest states, Texas.
Despite Ted Cruz, in a letter to Tillerson signed are the Senators Michael S. Lee of Utah, James M. Inhofe of Oklahoma, David A. Perdue of Georgia, Thom Tills from North Carolina and Bill Cassidy from Louisiana.
Senator Lee and the group of senators urged Secretary Tillerson to immediately examine how US funds are used by the State Department and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to support leftist political groups. One such group is the Foundation "Open Society" of George Soros, which is a huge beneficiary of the grants from USAID. Senator Lee and his colleagues believe that such behavior is unacceptable …

Foreign Ministry condemns inflammatory comments from Albanian politician

The Macedonian Foreign Affairs Ministry strongly condemned what it called “insulting and inflammatory” rhetoric coming from official representatives of the Republic of Albania. The statement was issued after Albanian member of Parliament Mesila Doda called for war in order to establish a “greater Albania”.
“Irresponsible statements from public individuals are not in the spirit of good neighborly relations and the declarations for friendship and cooperation between the two countries. They are certainly not in the spirit of the European values”, Macedonia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry said. The Ministry called on Albanian officials to refrain from such statements in the future, and focus on moves that would improve trust and cooperation and help improve living standards.
Last week, Doda held a rally in Macedonia at which she condemned the decision by Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov not to award a mandate to form the Government to the Social – Democratic party SDSM, because of its embra…

Government of Japan presents grants for six projects in Macedonia

Six Macedonian institutions and the Government of Japan signed Monday grant agreements worth about EUR 370,000 for projects aimed at improving citizens’ lives.

The projects refer to the rehabilitation of elementary schools in Struga village of Draslajca and Kumanovo, equipping the Pelagonija Planning Region with flood prevention mechanization, medical equipment for the University Clinic for Gastroenterohepatology, new vehicle for the Veles fire fighting unit, and new ambulance or the Ohrid general gospital.

The funds have been allocated through the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Projects (GGP), founded by the Government of Japan.

Toyokazu Kubota, Chargé d’Affaires at the Embassy of Japan, said this is the largest amount allocated for annual GGP projects in Macedonia over the past decade.

“We are convinced these institutions will properly use the grant funds in order to achieve the projects’ goals. The Embassy of Japan is prepared to assist them in their efforts and I am personally e…

Vanja Lazarova - Doyenne of Macedonian Folk Music Passes Away

The doyenne of the Macedonian folk music Vanja Lazarova passed away at the age of 86.

She will be remembered as a great artist, and one of the best performers of original folk songs.
Vanja Lazarova – Dimitrova was born on 27 April 1930, in the village of Stracin, Kratovo. For a while, she worked at the Opera at MNT, and she was also a member of “Tanec” State Ensemble of Folk Dances and Songs.

She sung about a hundred Macedonian original folk songs, most of which were recorded in production of MRT. She has performed at a great number of concerts, on several continents. She sung in The Royal Albert Hall in London, in front of the British queen Elizabeth II, and Prime Minister Vinston Cervil.
She had a special contribution in the collaboration with the band “Anastasija” for creating the soundtrack for Milco Mancevski’s “Before the Rain”. Her vocal is especially susceptible for the synthesis in ethno-music.
Vanja Lazarova sang with different folk ensembles. She was a member of the ensemb…

Lino Cervar to leave Macedonia for Croatia

Lino Cervar decided to leave bench of Macedonian national team in order to overtake Croatia in year of preparation for home Men’s EHF EURO 2018.
Macedonian Handball Federation informed earlier today domestic media about Cervar’s intention to use clausule in contract with allow him to terminate agreement with them. Macedonia ended 15th at Men’s World Championship 2017 in France.
Cervar led Croatia between 2002 and 2010. He was world and Olympic champion in 2003 and 2004 with his country.

Macedonia and Serbia Get EUR 30 Million Help to Tackle the Refugee Crisis

The European Union has adopted on Friday an additional EUR 30 million package to help tackle the impact of the refugee crisis in the Western Balkans.
The funding will support Serbia, the Republic of Macedonia and the other Western Balkans countries to manage their borders and the migration flows, to accommodate and provide services to the migrants and refugees, as well as to support the host communities.
The new funding comes in addition to more than EUR 59 million of the EU assistance already provided to Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia since the start of the refugee crisis in 2015.
The package will help to further improve the border and migration management capabilities in the region. It will allow for a continued support for the border police to carry out border controls in line with the European standards and to tackle the human smuggling. The funds will also provide a further support to the authorities responding to the basic needs of the migrants or refugees, such as the ac…

Jana Burceska Revealed the Eurovision song for Macedonia "Dance Alone"

Ahead of Eurovision Song Contest 2017 which is to be held in Kyiv, Ukraine, Macedonian contestant released her music video for the song 'Dance Alone'. 
The song has a new age synth-pop wave with crisp sound and disco rhythm.
Video below:

President Ivanov receives credentials of Moldovan and Argentinian ambassadors

President Gjorge Ivanov was presented  with letters of credence of the new ambassadors of Moldova and Argentina to Macedonia, his cabinet said Friday.

While being presented with the credentials of Moldova’s Sofia-based Ambassador Stefan Gorda, Ivanov said the two countries shared the same commitments to peace, freedom, security and prosperity in Southeast Europe and beyond urging cooperation between the countries to be further enhanced by intensifying political dialogue at every level.
“There are numerous potentials for cooperation in all spheres of mutual interest that should be realized through joint engagement. An emphasis should be put on economic cooperation and full fulfillment of business potentials of our two countries, including cooperation in the sphere of tourism, culture, education, science, research and innovation,” said President Ivanov according to the press release.
Ambassador Gorda said he was confident that Moldova and Macedonia would keep on boosting the establishe…

Macedonian Language will be teached in Melbourne College

"Lalor North College" in the Australian city of Melbourne next school year will include the teaching of Macedonian language, the portal "Falanga". According to reports, the college first week will hold a "Macedonian musical happening" to present to the community as will include the Macedonian language in the curriculum. The language is introduced at the request of the community, writes Nova Makedonija.

College students will have the opportunity to learn the Macedonian language through different situations, through intensive study and through culture.

Unemployment in Macedonia with record down

The unemployment rate in Q4 of 2016 amounted to 23.1 percent, a 0.3-percent drop compared to the previous quarter, the State Statistical Office said on Thursday.
The labour force in the Republic of Macedonia numbered 950,255 persons, of whom 731,107 were employed, while 219,148 were unemployed persons.
The activity rate in this period was 56.6 percent, while the employment rate was 43.5 percent.

Premiere of film dedicated to the preservation of Lake Prespa

United Nations Development Program presented a documentary on the environmental situation of Lake Prespa which, the agency says, has greatly improved over the past 15 years. A joint program implemented by the municipality of Resen, UNDP, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the Global Environment Fund has helped return some of the native fish species to the lake.
“It took 15 years and 15 million USD but finally, after decades of deterioration, the state of Lake Prespa is improving” said UNDP representative to Macedonia Louisa Vinton.
“Lake of Apples” is the name of the documentary film that was produced to present the rich natural heritage of Prespa, with its 2.000 species of birds, fish and mammals. Unsustainable farming practices, especially around the economically important apple orchards, were blamed for the pollution, and the project helped introduce better farming practices in the region. It is estimated that the use of irrigation water has been reduced by 60 pe…

Metalurg Defeated by Nexe in Final SEHA League Match

Metalurg ends its SEHA handball league games with a loss, after it was beaten 27:22 by Croatian Nexe on Tuesday evening.
This result puts Metalurg in eight place in the league, dropping behind Gorenje, which beat Izvigjac, and behind Nexe.
Metalurg suffered a drop in form in the final minutes. Until the 54th minute the result was within grasp, with a two goals lead for Nexe, but then Metalurg allowed the host team to score four times in a row.
Vanja Ilic, Nikola Kostevski, Nemanja Obradovic and Martin Velkovski scored four goals each for Metalurg, which played without Filip Kuzmanovski and Aleksandar Gugleta.
Vardar and Weszprem lead the table with 44 points each, and Vardar has one more game to play, against last placed Izvigjac,

The Liberation of Skopje at Cleveland Film Festival

Film “The Liberation of Skopje”, directed by Danilo and Rade Serbedzija, will take part at the Cleveland International Film Festival, held 29 March-9 April.

The film, co-produced by Macedonia, Croatia and Finland, will compete with over 400 features, said “Partizans” productions.
The occupation and liberation of what is now Macedonia’s capital, Skopje, during World War II is seen through the eyes of eight-year-old Zoran. The Red Army’s liberation from German and Bulgarian occupation of what was then a provincial Yugoslav city is the story of the cruelty of war, poverty and suffering in which young Zoran witnesses his Jewish friend Renata Rossman and her family being taken away to a concentration camp but also knows his Uncle Gjorgija is a partisan battling the Nazis.
“The Liberation of Skopje” cast includes David Todosovski, Rade Serbedzija, Silvija Stojanovska, Lucija Serbedzija, Mikko Nousiainen etc.


Cannabis oil available in pharmacies across Macedonia without prescription

Nine Vinica Fortress terracotta icons to be exhibited at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum

Time Travel: Skopje Antique Shops Are Full of Objects that Have Long Been Forgotten

Macedonian Government to ban protests with new law on public gatherings

Greek jets mount NATO practice flights over Macedonia