Gjorgi Rizov’s art exhibition opens in Netherlands

Exhibition of Macedonian painter Gjorgi Rizov featuring twelve oil paintings on canvas, was opened late Thursday in P60 cultural centre in Amstelveen, Netherlands.

Macedonian Ambassador to Netherlands Igor Popov opened the exhibition who said that Rizov draws his inspiration from everyday events, people and surrounding seen from different perspective.

Through his paintings Rizov directly and unscrupulously sets the asymmetry and chaos as a cultural phenomenon of observation. It is obvious not only in the composition of the painting but in his creating of unstandardised forms of frames or using three dimensional elements to create the painting within painting effect. All of that symbolizes his strive to escape conventionality, the cruel reality, everyday stereotypes and it is a form of resistance against traditional forms of creating art. Rizov in his art creates new worlds in which the truth is different.

Through the highly expressed colours, which always correspond to the theme set by the author, Rizov’s works set a sensory communication with the observer, through which you can experience his emotional states of mind.

Gjorgi Rizov was born 1983 in Kavadarci, Republic of Macedonia. Painting and experimenting with new techniques of conceptualizing art have been a challenge during his 15 year work.

This exhibition is opened until 1 April 2017.


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