World Bank praises Macedonia's efforts to improve business climate

The government of Macedonia has followed good economic policies and has made important efforts to improve the business climate in the country, World Bank executive director Frank Heemskerk told interim Macedonian Prime Minister Emil Dimitriev on Wednesday.

During the meeting in Skopje, Dimitriev stated the World Bank, as well as other international financial institutions and organizations, had acknowledged and positively assessed such measures taken by the Macedonian government in providing better and more favorable conditions to the investors.

Further on, they talked about the relations between Macedonia and the World Bank, the implementation of projects and reforms towards Macedonia's economic development and ways to meet Macedonians' needs and interests, the prime minister's press office said in its press release.

The Macedonian Prime Minister expressed his gratitude for the World Bank's support to Macedonia in the implementation of reforms and projects.

According to the Prime Minister's office, Dimitriev and Heemskerk agreed mutual cooperation in the implementation of current and future projects related to several areas such as road infrastructure, education, local economic development and energy would contribute to Macedonia's economic growth and the creation of new jobs.

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