Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chair John Podesta Refers to Macedonia as “FYROM” in Latest WikiLeaks Release

In the latest WikiLeaks release of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta is caught referring to Macedonia using the derogatory term “FYROM” – responding with “I still call it FYROM” when asked about inviting the Prime Minister of Macedonia to an event in July of 2015.

John Podesta is of Greek descent from his mother’s side and Italian descent from his father’s side.  His use of the derogatory term “FYROM” and his closeness to the Democratic party nominee Hillary Clinton makes me, as a Macedonian, feel uneasy.


Some note on Podesta:
CLINTON'S GREEK DREAM TEAM - Bill Clinton Administration (1993-2001)

"My campaign and my administration have gained much from the talents of Greek Americans, including my close assistant and Director of Communications, George Stephanopoulos, who came up here a moment ago, who has become the heartthrob of the teen set of America. (Laughter and Applause.)

"George's parents are in the audience today, and they did such a good job raising him I would like to ask them to stand up. (Applause.)

"We discovered - we did a little search for Greek Americans on the President's staff, and we discovered, notwithstanding some of their last names, the following fully qualify: My staff secretary, John Podesta; Sylvia Mathews on the National Economic Commission staff. She hails from a little town in West Virginia which just proves that you really are everywhere. (Laughter.) Peter Pappas, my Associate Counsel; and George Tenet, my Special Assistant and Senior Director for Intelligence Programs at the National Security Council." [Tenet later appointed Director of the CIA].

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