Macedonia: Election Losers form new Government

Macedonia has just overtaken the United States as the new land of opportunity, where anything can happen, and we mean this literally. Zoran Zaev, self proclaimed quisling who openly bragged on working with foreign intelligence against his own country, twice convicted criminal in addition to three criminal cases pending against him was just elected the new Prime Minister of the country. 

Macedonian lawmakers elected late Wednesday the new government by 62 votes “for”, 44 “against” and five “abstained”.

The cabinet of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev will have 25 members, namely Radmila Sekerinska-Jankovska as Defense Minister; Oliver Spasovski – Interior Minister; Nikola Dimitrov – Foreign Minister; Renata Treneska Deskoska – Minister of Education and Science; Goran Sugareski – Minister of Transport and Communications; Ljupco Nikolovski – Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy; Mila Carovska – Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Damjan Mancevski – Minister of Information Society and Public Administration; Sadula Duraku – Minister of Environment and Physical Planning; Kreshnik Bekteshi – Economy Minister; Suhejl Fazliu – Justice Minister, Arben Taravari – Health Minister and Robert Alagjozovski – Culture Minister.

Bujar Osmani, Koco Angjusev and Hazbi Lika are elected for Ministers without Portfolio, but are set to be the new Vice Premiers for European Affairs, Economic Affairs and Political System and Relations among Communities respectively.

Edmond Ademi, Robert Popovski, Adnan Kjahil, Ramiz Merko Samka Ibraimovski, Zorica Apostolovska and Zoran Sapuric are also elected for Ministers without Portfolio.

Western ambassadors who supported the coup in Macedonia, perhaps fittingly were at hand to applaud the election of their Government: the US, French, German, Italian, Swedish and British ambassadors.
Outside, roughly 50 Soros activists gathered to welcome the new Government as well.


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