UNESCO: While Macedonia received deadline to safe cultural heritage of Ohrid, Albania progressed

UNESCO gave the Macedonian authorities a deadline until February next year to implement the recommendations for the protection of the natural resources, to safe Ohrid as a cultural heritage, otherwise it will be proclaimed as an endangered area. On the other hand, Albania progressed.

The (private) Facebook profile "Albania Unesco" reported on Friday: "Ohrid region becomes the fourth Albanian property inscribed in the Unesco World Heritage List. It joins Butrint, Berat & Gjirokaster and the Ancient Beech Forests of Rajca and Lumi I Gashit."

Macedonia became a deadline until February, to solve the problems in Ohrid:

"The authorities have to submit to the Committee for World heritage until 1st of February a new report for saving the property, the investigation by the committee for World Heritage at the 44th session in 2020, with a possibility, in case if a danger is determined to its universal value, to be put on the list of endangered world heritage."

This was decided at the 43rd session that is taking part in Baku Azerbaijan.

UNESCO’s chief request is to call for a moratorium for all sorts of urban transformations along the coast of the Ohrid Lake, including any kind of urbanistic transformation.

The Macedonian delegation was led by Minister Edmond Ademi, who said that the Government has stopped the building of the ski center at Galichica and that the water’s quality is regularly checked, and a Coordinative team was formed that will be working on meeting all recommendations.

The government’s delegation also informed that the disputed buildings are already stopped and that they are working intensively on the realization of all objections that were stated by UNESCO.


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