Skopje expels Russian diplomat, while in Moscow the “Days of a Macedonian Winter” takes place

In Macedonia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to expel a Russian diplomat regarding the “Skripal” case, while in Moscow, the “Days of a Macedonian Winter” event took place at the huge complex “Food City”.

At the event, which will last until tomorrow, five Macedonian companies are taking part.

“Ajvar is expected to cause the most interest, along with other Macedonian products such as cottage cheese with peppers, gherkins, gambi, sweet and chilli lutenica and pekmez made from various fruits which are abundant in Macedonia. Contact with Russian importers will help Macedonian processors plan the upcoming yearly purchase of fresh agricultural products and processing quantities, and at the same time it opens the door for a greater presence of other Macedonian producers”, stated the Macedonian- Russian Chamber of Commerce on their official website.

Yesterday, Macedonian businessmen visited several major trading markets in the capital of the Russian Federation, in order to get familiar with the assortment, basic conditions and the way the products might find themselves in the hands of Russian consumers.

The export of Macedonian agricultural products in Russia has seen a continuous increase in the past few years, and the main products are peaches, tomatoes, cabbage, plums and cigarettes. The export of agro-food products from the Republic of Macedonia to Russia in 2017 amounted to 30.2 million euros. Russia is interested in exporting cereals in Macedonia, mostly for the export of wheat.


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