Organic food insufficiently distributed to Macedonian markets

Despite the fact there are over 500 registered organic food producers in Macedonia, the offer of such products in supermarkets is insufficient, heard a debate organized by the Consumers' Organization of Macedonia (COM), association Zenith and association Media Plus.

The event also included representatives of retail chains Vero, Tinex and Ramstore, as well as the Food and Veterinary Agency.

COM says retail chains have shown increased interest for organic products in recent years, primarily due to the requirements of consumers, especially the young population.

"We have been educating consumers for a while over the safety of organic food and the reduced environment pollution," adds the association.

Meeting participants agreed market controls should enhance towards guaranteeing that organic food meets standards and regulations of organic production. In addition, producers need support from traders or the state for greater promotion in retail sale through campaigns.

The lack of buyout centers for organic food was also highlighted as a problem, along with small quantities and price fluctuation.

"The problems will be solved through measures for enhancement of organic production, as well as the cluster for organic products," stresses COM.

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