Macedonia's gross electricity output falls in January

Macedonia's gross electricity production fell by an annual 29.4% to 510,025 MWh in January, preliminary data from the national statistical office showed on Monday.

Net electricity output decreased 29.3% year-on-year to 480,193 MWh in January, Makstat said in a statement.

Thermal power plants contributed the largest portion of gross domestic electricity production, generating 266,838 MWh, 27.3% less than in January 2017.

Combined heat and power plants followed with 116,144 MWh in the first month of the year, down by 31.8% compared to same month of 2017.

Hydro power plants generated 113,409 MWh, down 33.1% on the year.

Electricity generated by wind parks decreased by 34.7% year-on-year to 7,355 MWh, while biogas plants’ output increased 42.1% to 5,066 MWh. Solar parks produced 1,213 MWh of electricity, up 60.9% on the year.

Macedonia’s electricity imports rose by an annual 7.1% to 258,400 MWh in January, while electricity exports shrank to 4,917 MWh from 49,653 MWh last year.

Distribution losses declined 17.6% on the year to 131,509 MWh in January.



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