Kicevo-Ohrid highway construction deadline extended to 3,5 years

Macedonian Government at its Tuesday’s session adopted annex contract for construction of Kicevo-Ohrid highway by which its construction deadline is extended to June 30, 2021.

Transport Minister Goran Sugareski told Wednesday that the decision for signing annex contract to this highway is at the request of supervisory authority and the need for construction extension deadline due to non-compliance of project documentation with actual ground condition, as well as variable geology on the ground that does not correspond to the geology foreseen in the project.

All this causes additional and new circumstances as increased workload that essentially affects deadline extension, but also significant financial implications in the final value of the highway, Sugareski added.

He also said that this annex refers to the construction deadline extension and overall analyses are being made for additional funds which would be necessary.

Sugareski stressed that first it is necessary to complete projecting all works, and then a professional team in cooperation with the supervisory body to estimate concrete additional cost for the highway.

Following government’s adoption, the law is expected to enter parliamentary procedure and lawmakers to adopt it in shortened procedure.


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