Macedonia with friendlies against Finland, Azerbaijan in March

The Football federation of Macedonia arranged two friendly matches for the senior national team. Both will be played in the March FIFA international week that all countries around the globe will use for test games.

Macedonia will play against Finland on the 23rd and against Azerbaijan on the 27th. Both games will be played on neutral ground in the Turkish city of Antalya. The country’s biggest international sea resort is very popular among European clubs including the Macedonian. This time the national team will go there on preparations.

Both opponents aren’t anything new for Macedonia since we have played many games so far, qualifying and friendlies.

Last time we played Finland was back in 2005 and of the total of 4 games Macedonia has only 1 win and 3 defeats.

Azerbaijan is a better story for us. We have played 6 times, last being a friendly in 2016 in Austria. We’ve won 5, drawn 1 and we have never lost.

To see a detailed statistics of the game against Finland and Azerbaijan, click here.


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