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Kotzias: Greece to present four-point agreement to Macedonia

Name proposals, irredentism, international and regional relations of Macedonia and measures for positive agenda are four points of the draft agreement which Greece is to forward to Macedonia by mid-February, Greek FM Nikos Kotzias told Greece's state broadcaster ERT, MIA reports from Athens.
Kotzias said that the agreement is still in formulation phase and firstly will be presented to the Greek, and afterwards to the Macedonian government. If approved, it will be the basis for solving the problem, and it should get green light from the parliaments of both countries thus opening Macedonia’s road to NATO and EU.
This agreement will include all topics related to the name issue. Special chapter on irredentism, but also on topics related to the country's future, its integration into international organisations and a positive agenda, how to further develop our relations, Kotzias said, explaining that the Greek side is still preparing a draft agreement, and he expects to be forwarde…

Zbogar hopes Macedonia will reach national consensus over name issue

It is very good news that the UN name mediator Matthew Nimetz is visiting the region, because the best solutions can be found only through dialogue, EU Ambassador to Macedonia Samuel Zbogar said Tuesday answering journalist question about the EU's expectations from Nimetz’s visit and from the name dispute negotiations between Macedonia and Greece.
“In the past several months there were many contacts between the governments of the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Greece and I think that we can call it a warm-up period for negotiations. Also, we could see that there was a meeting between the prime ministers of the two countries in Davos,” Zbogar said during his visit to the municipality of Konche.
According to him, EU supports these meetings and contacts and the forthcoming Nimetz’s visit is a good indicator that negotiations can start and that they can give a result that will be satisfactory for both sides.
“We as European Union were very happy to see that your country&#…

Macedonia's lawmakers abolish national artist title

Macedonia's lawmakers voted Tuesday in favor of abolishing the 'national artist' title.
Under changes to the law on culture, adopted in 2011, the title (which brings a life-long national pension) was bestowed as a recognition to prominent Macedonian artists. In spite of today's vote for the title's abolishing, five of the six recipients, namely Simon Trpceski, Milco Mancevski, Boris Trajanov, Ana Durlovski and Nikola Madzirov  will keep enjoying the status of national artist. The sixth one, Esma Redzepova, passed away in 2016. 
About MKD four million should be earmarked from the country's budget for the 2017 pensions of these artists, Deputy Culture Minister Vladimir Lazovski told the Parliament at today's session.
Considerations are that the bill promoted unequal treatment of artists, cultural workers, Lazovski said, pointing out that there were better mechanisms for stimulating the creativity.

Macedonia and Turkey pledge to boost economic cooperation

Macedonia and Turkey will boost economic cooperation and exchange of goods that has marked an increase in the past several years, most notably an increase in export of Macedonian goods in Turkey.
It is envisaged by a decision of the mixed committee of the Free Trade Agreement between Macedonia and Turkey, signed by Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bektesi and his Turkish counterpart Nihat Zeybekci.
Under the decision, signed during Bektesi's visit to Ankara, Protocol 2 is amended to pave the way for provisions to implement the Regional Convention on pan-Euro-Mediterranean preferential rules of origin (PEM Convention) and to expand possibilities for diagonal cumulation of origin of goods with other countries.
The application of the PEM Convention, ratified by Macedonia in 2012 and in 2013 by Turkey, enables the establishment of identical rules of origin, thus the diagonal cumulation of rules of origin will apply for EU members, and the CEFTA countries implementing the Stabilization an…

WMC: All-Macedonian Protests in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy and UK

Macedonian communities in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain are holding protests today on a common and unitary Macedonia, the World Macedonian Congress said.

Macedonian community in Switzerland begins the protest at 12.00 pm at Quai Wilson 47 - 1201 Geneve - Palais Wilson. The meeting will continue along the Avenue de France from 12.00-13.00, to the United Nations Plaza at 13.30-14.00, where the organizers will have greeting speeches.
Macedonian community in Germany starts the protest with a gathering at 13.00 in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, where the organizers will have greeting speeches. The meeting will continue with a march towards the German Parliament and the Government where it will end.
Macedonian community in France holds the protest at 2:00 pm at Place Joffre-Mur de la Paix (Champ de Mars) in Paris, where the organizers will have a welcome speech.
The Macedonian community in Italy holds the protest at 15.30 pm at the Alfieri Square in the ci…

DPMNE introduces 1000s amendments to illegal language law, SDSM and DUI dump them in trash

The opposition DPMNE submitted amendments to the Law on the Use of Languages, but the same amendments ended up in the trash after SDSM and DUI officials instructed their secretaries to dump them outside.
The amendments, as announced by the party, are aimed at harmonizing the law with the Constitution of the state.
The deadline for submitting the amendments expired at 4 pm, and immediately after the amendments were found in the thrash.
Grce Gjorgjievski, member of the DPMNE’s EC at today’s press conference noted that the submitted amendments were submitted for two articles of the Law, which, as he said, are in direct contradiction with the Constitution.
Citizens, experts and all social actors have repeatedly warned that the law on bilingualism that SDSM wants to force on the country is unconstitutional and harmful to the state. The inconsistency of the law was confirmed by the president of the state. We appeal to SDSM to withdraw this unconstitutional law. The SDSM needs to get inform…

Name settlement according to friendship treaty model, Ahmeti tells Kathimetini

The name issue to be closed according to the model of the friendship treaty with Bulgaria, with a consensus reached by the two governments, followed by a ratification in the assemblies of the two countries, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti proposes in Sunday's interview with Greece's newspaper Kathimerini.
There is no better time than now to solve the issue, he says adding the government will be negotiating with the purpose to reach a deal, MIA reports.
"Both the government and the opposition share a historic responsibility to find a solution and to lead the citizens and the country into NATO and the EU," Ahmeti tells Kathimerini.
"We will participate in the negotiations with the purpose to reach a deal, we will not be there only to negotiate. We need a solution, we in Skopje need it and you in Athens also need a solution. And there's no better time than now," Ahmeti says.
Referring to the proposals and ideas put forward by UN mediator Matthew Nimetz, he says the…

Greece: PM Tsipras fails to secure name issue support from the opposition

The leader of the largest political party in Greece, New Democracy, after a meeting with the Greek PM on Saturday rejected any possibility of providing support to the current administration to muster a wide national consensus over the name issue. 
Opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis after meeting PM Alexis Tsipras lambasted the way in which the Greek government has been handling the matter in question, MIA's correspondent reports from Athens. 
"The way in which negotiations are being intensified is a cause of serious concern. The government has already made concessions without ensuring concrete and irreversible exchanges for our country. Tsipras's very serious omission to directly and publicly raise the question on amendments to the constitution of the neighboring country, as a necessary prerequisite laying ground for any kind of negotiations, has weakened the national line. To break down any solution into separate issues is not acceptable, because it directly undermin…

MRT opts for internal selection: opens call for Eurovision songs

MRT, the national broadcaster of Macedonia has announced today that it will be selecting its 2018 Eurovision act and entry via an internal selection. The broadcaster has opened the submission window for artists/composers to submit their applications.
The submission window for artists wishing to represent Macedonia at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest is open until 8 February. Herafter a special committee will evaluate all submitted entries and make their deliberation. Once the committee selects the Macedonian representative/s for Lisbon the broadcaster will reveal the name of the 2018 Macedonian Eurovision hopeful.
Composers and music producers from Macedonia and beyond are invited to submit their musical proposals (in a demo or finalized version) along with their creative work in order to participate in the Macedonian broadcaster’s search for the 2018 Macedonian Eurovision act and entry.
You can submit your application via email to the following email address: eurosong.macedonia@gmai…

Macedonia with friendlies against Finland, Azerbaijan in March

The Football federation of Macedonia arranged two friendly matches for the senior national team. Both will be played in the March FIFA international week that all countries around the globe will use for test games.
Macedonia will play against Finland on the 23rd and against Azerbaijan on the 27th. Both games will be played on neutral ground in the Turkish city of Antalya. The country’s biggest international sea resort is very popular among European clubs including the Macedonian. This time the national team will go there on preparations.
Both opponents aren’t anything new for Macedonia since we have played many games so far, qualifying and friendlies.
Last time we played Finland was back in 2005 and of the total of 4 games Macedonia has only 1 win and 3 defeats.
Azerbaijan is a better story for us. We have played 6 times, last being a friendly in 2016 in Austria. We’ve won 5, drawn 1 and we have never lost.
To see a detailed statistics of the game against Finland and Azerbaijan, clic…

MHRMI Demands Apology From Facebook For Participating In Anti-Macedonian Hate

Instead of ignoring anti-Macedonian hate as per its previous policy, Facebook is now actively engaging in it. Nik Petrovski, a Macedonian from Sydney, Australia, recently created a Facebook frame  at in defence of the constant bombardment by Greeks against our Macedonian ethnicity. Facebook issued a 3-day ban to Mr. Petrovski for “violating community standards”. How is it possible that defending one’s most basic of human rights, self-determination, goes against Facebook standards?
See MHRMI’s press release of June 24, 2016, in which we call for Facebook to not permit hateful anti-Macedonian posts by Greeks, Bulgarians and Albanians. Facebook’s response was that this hatred does “NOT violate community standards”.
Greece began claiming the name Macedonia in 1988 and its former Prime Minister, Constantine Mitsotakis, has even admitted to creating the artificial name dispute as a way to deny the existence of its large Macedonian minority and to cover up the vast hu…

New evidence: in the 70’s Greece had no problem with our country’s name Macedonia

Christopher Purdef, an orthodox deacon from the US state of Ohio, posted on Twitter a map of former Yugoslavia in the mid-1970s, which says Macedonia about the then southernmost republic.

“As I was saying, Greece didn’t have a problem with Macedonia in the 70’s”, he wrote.
A little later Purdeff gave a new argument about the Greek attitude towards the identity of its northern neighbor from four decades ago – an excerpt from a book in which the languages of the then SFRY, including the Macedonian, were listed in Greek.

Nimetz confirms his visit to Athens and Skopje next week

The UN mediator in name talks, Matthew Nimetz, issued a press release late Wednesday officially confirming his intention to visit Athens and Skopje next week.
"At the invitation of the Governments of the Hellenic Republic and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Matthew Nimetz, Personal Envoy of the Secretary-General, will travel to Athens and Skopje from 29 January to 1 February 2018. The visit is part of United Nations efforts to assist the sides in finding a mutually acceptable solution to the 'name' issue," the press release reads.
As MIA reported earlier today, Nimetz will arrive in Skopje on 31 January to meet with state leadership on the next day, namely on 1 February.
At the last round of negotiations on 17 January in New York, Nimetz presented a new set of ideas, expressing optimism that a solution is within reach to solve a 27-year-old dispute between Greece and Macedonia.
In the meantime, Macedonia's government has been analyzing Nimetz's pr…

Macedonian director wins Sundance short film award

'Would You Look At Her', a film written and directed by Goran Stolevski, won the award for best international short film at the 34th Sundance Film Festival in the United States.
The short movie vied alongside 17 films from all over the world in the festival's Shorts Program.
The film was picked by a three-member jury comprised of screenwriter, director and producer Sharine Davis, Shirley Manson, musician and frontman of the indie rock band Garbage, and the cartoonist Chris Ware. Presenting the award to Stolevski, Ware compared his writing style to that of Leo Tolstoy.
Would You Look At Her tells the story of a teenage girl Aneta, who is trying to solve family and school problems by engaging in an all-male religious ritual.

Zaev will rename airport Alexander The Great

Zoran Zaev announced that he will change the name of the Skopje airport to help resolve a decades-long dispute with Greece over the republic's name, he said on Wednesday.
The name of the airport - Skopje Alexander the Great Airport - will be changed. The new name has "not yet been decided", a Macedonian government spokesman said.

Zaev said the north-south Alexander the Great motorway ending at the Greek border will be renamed "Friendship Highway".
"To demonstrate, in practice, that we are committed to finding a solution, I am announcing that we will change the name of the airport and avenues," Zaev told reporters at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.


Wizz Air to station A321s in Skopje

Low cost carrier Wizz Air will replace two of its four Airbus A320 aircraft based in Skopje with the larger 230-seat A321 jets this summer. In a statement to EX-YU Aviation News, the airline confirmed that the first of the two aircraft will begin operations from the Macedonian capital on May 30 and the second from June 15. They will be deployed on a number of routes from Skopje including Berlin, Beauvais, Bratislava, Cologne, Eindhoven, Friedrichshafen, Gothenburg, Hahn, Hamburg, Hannover, Malmo, Memmingen, Nuremberg and Rome. Together, the two aircraft will operate a total of 42 flights per week. As a result, Wizz Air will increase its capacity from Macedonia by 23% this year when compared to 2017, offering 1.8 million seats for sale from Skopje and Ohrid.
Wizz Air has been operating the Airbus A321 since November 2015 and currently has 24 of the type in its fleet, with a further seventeen on order. Furthermore, the carrier has an additional 184 of the more fuel-efficient A321neo je…

United Macedonian Diaspora: Nimetz's bank invested in Greece

General Atlantic, where Matthew Nimetz held the post of Chief Operating Officer in 2005, invested $ 127 million in the Danish Saxo Bank, which owns its subsidiary bank in Greece - Saxo Bank Hellas, UMD said.

Nimetz was a Managing Director and the Chief Operating Officer of General Atlantic from 2000 through 2011 and now works with GA as an Advisory Director
UMD says this is a classic example of a conflict of interests for the role Nimitz has as a mediator in the dispute between Macedonia and Greece, and questions his independence and impartiality. It is extremely impermissible for a mediator to have financial and business interests in one of the states that are part of the dispute, while claiming to be impartial.
Last week, Nimetz admitted that his firm had invested in "Saxo Bank", but said that "he did not know that the bank has a subsidiary in Greece" ?!
United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) publicly asks Mr. Nimetz:
1. Has he reported this conflict of interest in the…

Trump’s rating plummet across the world, except in Macedonia, Israel, Liberia and Belarus

One year after the Donald Trump’s inauguration as America’s new president, his US ratings have plummeted in all countries, except four, including Macedonia, wrote Atlantic magazine in an article called, “What do Israel, Liberia, Belarus and Macedonia have in common?”
The research on the ratings, which Atlantic magazine refers to, was conducted by the Gallup agency in 134 countries in 2017.
Reasons as to why Macedonia finds itself in such company, according to the magazine, can not be found in the White House, but the State Department, or to be exact, the role of Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs, Hoyt Yee, in resolving the political crisis and choosing a new government led by Zoran Zaev.
“In Macedonia, where approval in U.S. leadership jumped 15 points after years of decline, the explanation can be found not in the White House, but with the State Department. In May, Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov gave opposition leader Zoran Zaev the mandate to form a n…

“Macedonia is Greek” rally will take place in Piraeus instead of Athens

The rally under the banner of “Macedonia is Greek” in order to prevent the use of the term “Macedonia” as part of the solution of the name dispute that was supposed to take place in Athens on the 4th of February, instead it will take place in Piraeus, writes the Greek daily newspaper Kathimerini.
According to the official press release, the organizers that are behind the protest that occurred in Thessaloniki this past Sunday didn’t want to cause a traffic chaos in downtown Athens if the protest was organized at the Syntagma Square.
Still, according to the Kathimerini’s sources, the rally’s location was changed due to security concerns because the organizers feared that clashes would erupt among the protestors many of whom tend to the belong to the nationalist camp and self-styled anarchists.

Macedonia: French Ambassador Christian Thimonier critizices Law on Languages

French Ambassador Christian Timonie believes he isn't the only one who has failed to understand the law of languages ​​because 'it is a very complicated text, at least in terms of its content, as well as consequences.

'On the other hand, to be completely honest, there is a room for improvement of the text itself, which is possible because it is a matter of debates, as the process has not been completed yet and I would not like to make a comment,' Timonie says in Sunday's interview with Radio Free Europe.

Macedonian flag was burnt in Greece

At the protest in Thessaloniki, which “defends” the name of Greek Macedonia, a mischievous incident happened where several extremists burned a Macedonian state flag, Thessaloniki website reported.
There are no comments on the perpetrators, except that there was an incident involving the burning of a Macedonian flag.

There were no other incidents in the protest which took place in Thessaloniki under the banner of “Macedonia means Greece”, and as requests were highlighted: a general referendum and accusings that giving the name Macedonia in the name of the neighbor from the north is a betrayal for Greece and a betrayal of the Greek government.
The protests take place just two days before the meeting of the prime ministers of Macedonia and Greece, Zoran Zaev and Alexis Tsipras in Davos.

Macedonia: Gasoline, diesel prices up

The retail prices of gasoline and diesel will increase by MKD 1 per litre as of Monday midnight, the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) told Monday.
According to ERC, the price of EUROSUPER-95 is MKD 67.5 per litre, EUROSUPER-98 is to be sold for MKD 69.5, while EURODIESEL (D-E-V) - MKD 60.5 and extra light fuel for household (EL-1) - MKD 49.
Under the decision, the price of crude oil M-1 HC also rises and now stands at MKD 29.906 per kilogram.
The average price of crude oil at global markets and the MKD-US$ exchange rate were higher over the past fortnight

Negotiator Naumovski warns: Nimetz’s proposals are a disaster for Macedonia

No state, nor the United Nations, has the right to impose a change of name on another country, nor deny the existence of the Macedonian language and people, said Vasko Naumovski in a statement for Sitel TV. Optimism to resolve the decade’s dispute is useful, but to be optimistic, there should be a real basis, adds the negotiator from the Macedonian side.
Immediately after Naumovski’s statement, Zaev’s led Government were “appalled” by his statement and insisted Naumovski does not represent the Government, instead his views were simply his personal views.
As irony would have it in this banana land, Vasko Naumovski does represent the Macedonian Government in the negotiations with Greece.
Matters get further complicated, just a week ago, Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov pointed out in the debut of Zaev owned TV21 Click Plus program that he had great confidence in the negotiator Naumovski.
“I have not seen a signal so far that the incumbent ambassador Naumovski comes out of that position…

Mass protest in Thessaloniki against use of 'Macedonia' in name dispute with Skopje

Thousands of people, carrying banners with messages 'Macedonia was, will be Greek'; 'The name is our soul', took Sunday to the streets Thessaloniki to 'defend the name', MIA reports.
Hardline clerics, far-right leaders and Greek diaspora groups have called for the protest against the use of term 'Macedonia' in any solution to Athens-Skopje name dispute.
The organizers have been delivering speeches at the rally, which kicked off about 14:00h, reiterating the message that 'Macedonia is Greek'. Some of them said that those ready to relent and give the name 'Macedonia' away would be labeled as national traitors. Bishop Anthimos of Thessaloniki was also one of the speakers at the rally. 
Gathered around the statue of Alexander the Great in Thessaloniki were members of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party and local clergy, AFP reported.
Representatives from the main opposition party, New Democracy, were also present despite a tacit order from its l…

Tsipras: Macedonian nation never existed in ancient time, nor did Athenians or Spartans

A Macedonian nation never existed in the period of classical antiquity, as it was the case with the nations of Athenians and Spartans, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras says in an interview for tomorrow's edition of 'Ethnos' newspaper, MIA reports from Athens. 
'Ancient Macedonia was a great power of the ancient Greek world which, especially in the period of the  Alexander the Great's reign expanded far beyond today's geographic region - Macedonia, the Greek PM says.
In addition to Greeks and Slavs, Bulgarians, Serbs, Jews and Ottoman Turks had been settling the region since the 7th century, he says.
'Today this broad geographic region belongs to three states. Hence it is counter to the history and absurd for some to seek exclusivity for Macedonia, also with regards to ethnic identification,' Tsipras says.
However, he says, 'it is not unreasonable for the term Macedonia to be included in a compound name with geographic or time identifier for over…

Hoyt Yee: Macedonia and Greece have real opportunity to solve the name issue

Macedonia and Greece have a real opportunity, maybe the best one,  for solving the so-called name issue, US Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Hoyt Brian Yee says in an interview with Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.
He believes that there is a political will in both Athens and Skopje for reaching an agreement on the matter for good.
A hard work is required to that effect as this is not a simple matter for resolving, Yee says. It would have been good if the issue was settled 25 years ago, but if the two countries keep working as they do at the moment under the auspices of UN mediator Matthew Nimetz, Yee says 'we believe a solution is absolutely possible.'
The United States, he says, strongly supports the Bulgaria-Macedonia treaty, which is a good start of or even a prelude to Bulgaria's EU Presidency.
'We believe these are very positive steps, not only for the two countries, but for the entire region. It is an example how two countries are truly commit…

United Macedonian Diaspora urges Macedonia's authorities to put an end to name talks

The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) supports the #OurNameisMacedonia Campaign, spearheaded by Macedonian Human Rights Movement International (MHRMI) in demanding that the Macedonian authorities end all negotiations and talks to change Macedonia's name.
'We call on the United Nations, the European Union, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and those nations who have not yet done so, to formally convey full diplomatic recognition to Macedonia under its name - the Republic of Macedonia,' UMD says in a press release on Saturday.
A total of 137 nations have already recognized Macedonia by its rightful name, which is about two-thirds of the United Nations General Assembly, UMD says.
'This includes four out of the five UN Permanent Security Council members. Under the rule of international law, there is no precedent granting to any government the power or authority to dictate to an independent sovereign nation what its name should be,' the press release reads.

Stoltenberg: Name dispute settlement crucial for Macedonia's NATO membership

The Alliance has no plan 'B' for Macedonia's NATO accession, hence the name dispute must be settled, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Thursday at a joint press conference with Zoran Zaev.
'Agreement on this issue is crucial for your country to join NATO. There is no other way for your country to join NATO. This was also notified at the 2008 Bucharest Summit and reiterated at subsequent ones in 2014 in Wales and Warsaw in 2016,' Stoltenberg said, commending the efforts being made to find a solution to the name issue. 
He also commended Macedonia's progress in implementing the important reforms: good governance; strengthening the rule of law; building an open, multi-ethnic society; and good neighborly relationships.
'I know your country faces challenges. and reform is not easy, but it can be done. So I urge all parties to work constructively in the interests of all your people. And I urge the government to reach out constructively to the opposition an…

Bulgarian Assembly ratified the Treaty between Bulgaria and Macedonia

The National Assembly in Bulgaria today unanimously ratified the Treaty of Friendship, Good Neighborly Relatioins and Cooperation between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia.
The ratification of the Agreement was supported by 186 MPs, and the Macedonian Ambassador to Bulgaria, Marijan Gjorcev, who was also present in the hall, Bulgarian media reported.
On Monday, the Macedonian Parliament, with 61 votes in favor and one abstention, voted in favor of the draft law on ratification of the agreement, which was signed on August 1st, last year, by the prime ministers of the two countries, Zoran Zaev and Boyko Borisov.
Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said in European Parliament yesterday that Bulgaria and Macedonia are an example in the region on solving problems.


EHF EURO 2018: Macedonia vs Germany ends in draw 25:25

Macedonia's handball team scored Wednesday the fifth point at the European Handball Championship after finishing with a draw (25:25) playing against the title-holder Germany.
With today's game, Macedonia won the top position in Group C of the European tournament held in Zagreb.
After this outcome, Macedonia has a solid chance to advance further in the championship. It would take at least two more triumphs in the coming three games to qualify in the top four teams vying in the semi-finals.
Macedonia advances in the tournament in the newly-formed Group 2, set to be hosted in Varazdin. The national team is set to face off Spain, Denmark and the Czech Republic. 

Macedonia: President Ivanov not signing language law

Macedonia’s president Gjorge Ivanov have sent an official note to Parliament that he will not be signing the language law pushed across the entire country by the Zaev’s led SDSM.
As the president explained, Macedonia is a unitary and multiethnic state, and this law abolishes this principle and introduces binaryism, which violates the country’s unitary character.
He also added that due to the daily political schemes run by the SDSM, procedures are being abused to bring laws that are detrimental to the nation. Ivanov pointed out that the abuse of the “European flag” of the law on bilingualism was the subject of a remark by EU officials, but this ruling majority did not take this into account.
He explains that this law is systemic and it is illogical that it be carried by a simple majority, abusing the European institutions.
He pointed out that the law was unconstitutional, and that he sent a detailed legal explanation to the Parliament that appealed to be taken into consideration by th…

Macedonians living in US stage protest against potential change of their homeland name

Macedonians living in the US staged Sunday a protest in front of Macedonia's Embassy in Washington, voicing their opposition to a potential change of the country's constitutional name.
During the protest United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) President Meto Koloski launched a new movement 'We are Macedonia' as a response to worrisome political development in the homeland, MIA reports from Washington.
The protesters, about twenty supporters and activists of Diaspora organizations, handed over a declaration to Macedonia's Ambassador to the US Vasko Naumovski, which includes several demand addressed to the country's President, Parliament and Government.
'Macedonians should preserve their uniqueness, while our country should be an equal and respected member of the global family,' the declaration reads.
It also calls for perseverance of the Macedonian identity, language, culture and the state's unitary character.
Koloski said that many Macedonians scattered a…

Ohrid named 'world's capital of humanism' by World Organization for Social Integration

The World Organization for Social Integration has issued on its website an exclusive feature about Ohrid and Macedonia describing it as 'the world's capital of humanism in honor of St. Clement of Ohrid.'
Clement of Ohrid, a disciple of the saints Cyril and Methodius who are considered the 'apostles of the Slavs', had been credited with founding the first medieval school of humanism in Europe. 
Frédéric Fappani von Lothringen, Head of the World Organization for Social Integration, in his capacity as representative of the Rothschild Foundation will visit Ohrid to attend a awards ceremony where Jean-Patrick Connerade - professor at Imperial College London and president of the European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters - will be presented with the 2018 World Prize for Humanism.
The formal event will take place in Ohrid on January 18 on the eve of Epiphany Day (Jan. 19).
Other recipients of the World Prize for Humanism include Daisaku Ikeda (Japan), Manuel De Olvei…

Australian Politician Urges Recognition of ‘Republic of Macedonia’

The Australian politician John Barilaro has called on the country’s government to recognize Macedonia as the ‘Republic of Macedonia’.
Acting Premier of New South Wales Barilaro was speaking at a community event to celebrate Orthodox Christmas where he praised the Australia’s multicultural nature.
“What I have always loved about the Macedonian community is how you have remained proud of who you are and you raise your children to be proud that they are, of course, the sons and daughters of the immigrants who chose Australia to be their home,” he was quoted by Neos Kosmos as saying.

Addressing an audience which included Macedonia’s ambassador to Australia, Vele Trpevski, Barilaro went on to state that he “will always acknowledge the Republic of Macedonia” and called for the federal government to do the same.

“I hope 2019 … is the year that the world comes to its senses, that Australia as a nation, the Federal government comes to its senses and acknowledges as the only rightful name the …

Nimetz: There is no new proposal for the name, we will discuss the old proposals

United Nations mediator in the name negotiations between Macedonia and Greece, Matthew Nimetz, in an interview with the Greek national television ERT, says there is no new name proposal and that at the new meeting, scheduled for January 17th, in New York, he will come up with various suggestions which have already been discussed in the past.
According to Nimetz, the new government in Skopje is very interested in resolving this issue.
“I think that the Greek government also recognizes that this is a good approach and a good step for Greece’s foreign policy in the region, to find a solution for this long-standing issue. For these reasons, there is a positive momentum between the two countries. I think citizens in both countries may be willing to hear certain solutions, which are of common national interest, but also, there is a certain compromise to solve it, “Nimetz said.
He also noted that there are reasons for concern in the region about certain issues, such as refugees, terrorism o…

Lavrov: Russia will accept the name that Macedonia and Greece will agree upon

Any kind of solution (for the name dispute) that will be agreed upon by Macedonia and Greece, and will be supported by the Macedonian Constitution, we (the Russian Federation), most probably are going to accept it, said the Head of the Russian diplomacy Sergey Lavrov, when he was answering a question posted by a Greek journalist at the annual press conference held by Russia’s minister of foreign affairs that is taking place today.
Lavrov stressed that the name dispute between Skopje and Athens has long been in a “snooze mode” and it enlivened after the USA decided Macedonia should join NATO.
The Head of the Russian diplomacy reminded that Greece is already a member of NATO and that it is not necessary that it should do appeasements, but that Macedonia should do that as it hopes to join NATO.
-Regarding the revitalization of the effort for solving the problem with Macedonia’s official name, these efforts were long in a hibernation and got intensified only then when USA decided that Ma…


Cannabis oil available in pharmacies across Macedonia without prescription

Nine Vinica Fortress terracotta icons to be exhibited at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum

Time Travel: Skopje Antique Shops Are Full of Objects that Have Long Been Forgotten

Macedonian Government to ban protests with new law on public gatherings

Greek jets mount NATO practice flights over Macedonia