OSCE admits Macedonian Elections were fraudulent

Macedonia’s elections were marred by massive electoral fraud which included, but not limited to: ballot stuffing, bribery, ballots from one city found their way into the ballot boxes of another city, police intimidating voters, police preventing voters from voting, fraudulent reporting of results etc.

OSCE, despite their well known political biasness towards the Macedonian marionette Government, it appears have gained enough courage and wrote in their report that Macedonia’s elections were marred by fraud, and lots of it. However, it could simply be face saving for OSCE to acknowledge the obvious because of extensive photo and video evidence of the election fraud that’s circulating across the country.

“The results at national level show discrepancies of 922 votes between what was reported and the actual votes cast for mayors. In addition there was a discrepancy of 310 votes between reported votes and actual votes for city councils.” Now think about this for a second. Do you even realize what a discrepancy of 1,232 votes is? And this is a discrepancy that the SEC ran by the Government is willing to admit! This means 10 people voted at polling station #1, but a fraudulent report went out that 30 people voted (ballot stuffing). At polling station #2, 100 people voted, but a fraudulent report of 170 went out, creating a discrepancy.

The bottom line is, a single ballot missing or extra at any polling station means there was fraud at that polling station.

OSCE admits it is aware of 1,232 such ballots…. the Macedonian media has reported of at least 50,000 such ballots!



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