Igor Stefanovski Idze wins in Belgium

Igor Stefanovski Idze won the second race in Belgium, Macedonian driver had a great ride and in the end deservedly on the Zolder track our anthem was heard.

Igor Stefanovski Idze has won the second victory this season after having triumphed in the second race in Zolder, Belgium, a great success of the Macedonian driver.

After seeing that he could not win in the first race, Idze made a strategy to finish it in the eighth place so he could start from the pole position in the second race.

That proved to be a proper strategy, Zolder has no place for many passes, so Igor Stefanovski Idze set off safely from the pole position and kept it until the end of the race to celebrate a great victory.

This is Idze's second victory this season, a total of three in the ETCC, with which came close to the top and in the last race in the Czech Republic will fight for the title.


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