Makedonski Brod fire spreads

The forest fire in the area of village Trebovlje near Makednski Brod is still active, but poses no threat to the village, said the Crisis Management Center (CMC) on Thursday.

In the country's southwest, the fire in village Zdunje in Makedonski Brod municipality has a tendency of spreading in the area of village Gurgurnica in Tetovo municipality.

The forest fire in the area between villages Devic and Gresnica is active but does not pose any threat to populated places.

A fire in the area of Makedonski Brod, which has been active for a while, has transferred to the territory of Gostivar municipality, in the area of villages Korito and Zelezna Reka.

In the country's east, a forest fire broke out between villages Teranci and Vidoviste near Kocani and spread towards monastery Sveta Petka at Plackovica mountain.

In the Skopje region, a fire has been registered in the area of village Studenicani.

In the Pelagonija region, a fire broke out in the area of village Lokveni, while in the Povardarie region there is an active fire on the slopes of Gorna Jakupica.

Fire-fighting units, forest enterprises, the Macedonian Army and local population take part in the fires' extinguishing, says the CMC.


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