Ethno Folk Band Monistra Well Known for Specific Macedonian Rhythm

The ethno folk band Monistra has been nurturing the Macedonian folk music for 14 years now.

Monistra members have introduced modern elements in order to bring the music closer to the young generation. They have performed numerous concerts in Macedonia and abroad and have released one album so far. The second is on the way. 

As Aleksandar Jovevski (pipe, bagpipes, tambourine) and vocalist Gabriela Janusevska announced, their second album is set to be released by the end of November. A promo live concert has been scheduled as well.

Jovevski says that the new edition titled “Kinisa moma na voda” has the specific and recognizable Macedonian melody.

“There will be eight remakes and three original songs. We approach music with great attention to preserve the authenticity, with a bit more modern arrangement. We will have a bit forgotten compositions, to make them up-to-date for the younger population to get familiar with them", Jovevski says. 

The vocalist Janusevska says that even without the modern arrangement such music draws attention, especially out of this region.

"Our specific rhythm, uneven rhythms, seven eighths, nine eighths, ten eights… It is really a rear rhythm that fascinates the audience in the countries we perform", Janusevska says. 

Monistra receives both positive critiques and reviews for what it does, and for its successful music style. 

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