American basketball player dies in Macedonia

American basketball player, 25, dies in Macedonia after dunking, running down the court and collapsing in his first practice session just 24 hours after joining a new team
  • Cameron Moore died suddenly on Tuesday during his first practice session
  • He passed away 24 hours after joining Macedonian team AV Ohrid
  • Moore had signed a preliminary deal with the team and had just begun medical tests, team's legal rep said
  • He was set to finalize his deal after his medical tests were completed 
  • Was diagnosed with cardiomegaly, an enlarged heart, during a stint in the NBA Development League last year 
  • Moore, from San Antonio, Texas, was a forward for the University of Alabama-Birmingham
An American basketball player who joined Macedonian team AV Ohrid this week died suddenly during his first practice session.

Cameron Moore, 25, arrived late Monday from Venice, Italy, the team's legal representative, Ivo Markoski, told The Associated Press. 

He said the player had been in Ohrid, a tourist resort town in southern Macedonia, for a matter of hours before he passed away on Tuesday.

'This is a tragedy. We had no time even to meet him properly,' Markoski said. 

'He was in Ohrid for only 24 hours. We let him rest after arrival and the tragedy occurred on the very first day of training.'

Moore had signed a preliminary deal with the Ohrid team and had just begun medical tests, Markoski said. 

An official deal with the team was to be signed after the medical tests were completed.

Moore was diagnosed with cardiomegaly, an enlarged heart, in 2015 when he was playing in the NBA Development league, reports suggest.


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