Austria invests in Macedonian business

Thinking of doing business in Skopje? Austrian businesses now have the perfect opportunity to meet their Macedonian counterparts in the middle of June, at the Palais Kaiserhaus in Vienna.

From Telekom Austria through to Wiener Insurance and housebuilding with REHAU, many large Austrian companies are already represented in Macedonia and are happily doing business there.

But the organisers of the Macedonia2025 association of business professionals believe there are a lot more opportunities to be developed and expanded.

Macedonia has a rich history, and was once the home of Alexander the Great. Austria, which commenced diplomatic relations with Macedonia in 1994, is now supporting its bid for full EU membership. Vienna maintains a full-time embassy in Skopje, while Macedonia maintains an embassy in Austria.

And with Austria supporting Macedonia's efforts to join the European Union, and fully supporting Macedonia during the country's visa liberalization process, it looks as if the possibilities for more bilateral business opportunities are only going to increase.

The meeting, which will include a showcase of Macedonian wine and food, is set to take place on June 16.

As well as a short panel discussion, there will be talks by John I. Bitove Jr., who is the co-founder of and a successful Canadian businessman, as well as Ellen Goldstein, Country Director of the World Bank for the Western Balkans.

The networking session afterwards offers both Macedonians and Austrians the chance to make new contacts and discuss some opportunities for further bilateral cooperation and trade.

The event is open to Macedonians as well as Austrians looking to find out more about the region, and particularly those looking for business opportunities and furthering bilateral relations.


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