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Macedonian pavilion presents no man’s land at the venice biennale

Venice architecture biennale: the country of macedonia has participated this year at the architecture biennale with their presentation of a tunnelled pavilion exhibiting the project ‘no man’s land’ curated by architect Stojan Pavlekski and designed by a team at macedonian studio stone design.
The entrance to stone design’s steel curving tunnel pavilion is marked with an illuminated ‘back door’. the exhibition explores the relationship between the ‘public’ and the ‘private’, the ‘cataphatic’ and the ‘apoptotic’. this is illustrated by stone design’s abstracted landscape created as blocks -rising at different heights- that are distributed throughout the length of the tunnel. in addition, the inner wall and ceiling of the pavilion has bee lined with a reflective material, influencing the distortion and illusion of the objects and emphasizing the interplay of inter-architectural echoes and allusion.
Curator and architect, Stojan Pavleski comments: ‘the spectator, entering the tunnel will…

Successful 9th French Film Festival in Macedonia

Organized by the Institut Français in Skopje, this festival has grown to become one of the biggest events devoted to French cinema in the Balkans. This year's event was held from June 15 through 18, split between the Macedonian capital of Skopje and the city of Ohrid. The 9th edition of the festival opened to a packed theater, with a screening of Rachid Bouchareb's film Road to Istanbul held in the presence of its lead actress, Astrid Whettnall. In the three days that followed, Macedonian audiences had the chance to see a selection of ten films, with this year's theme focusing on activist cinema and the expression of social messages and ideas. Topical issues were analyzed in films such as Fatima by Philippe Faucon, Tomorrow by Mélanie Laurent & Cyril Dion, and Courted by Christian Vincent, who was festival patron and whose work was honored during the festival's closing ceremony. Guests at the event included Nino Rocher, lead actor of The Fear by Damien Odoul, who …

Macedonia's industrial output growth speeds to 5.3% y/y in May

Macedonia's annual industrial output growth accelerated to 5.3% in May from 3.6% the month before, statistics office data showed on Wednesday. The improvement was driven mainly by the manufacturing industry, which posted an annual growth of 11.7% in May, speeding from a 9.4% increase in April, the data, published on the statistics office's website, indicated. In addition, the decline in utilities output softened to 18.4% from 29.5% in April. On the other hand, the drop in mining production deepened further to 19.8% in May from 10.2% in April,  For the first five months of the year, Macedonia's industrial production widened by 8% year-on-year.

Greek Media Puts Pressure over Macedonia's Accession to NATO and EU

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias at recently held EU General Affairs Council (GAC) meeting in Luxembourg was verbally attacked by some of his EU colleagues in regard to Macedonia name dispute, Greek media reported.
The latest information explain Kotzias’s statement in Luxembourg which mainly addressed the situation in Macedonia that was actually a response to what happened at the meeting behind closed doors, MIA correspondent reports from Athens.
According to some Greek media, Kotzias at the meeting “suffered unprecedented and rather methodical verbal attack, at least unethical for European diplomats.”

Foreign Ministers of Germany, the Netherlands and Austria directly blamed Greece for the dangerous political instability that exists in Macedonia. They argued that the "veto" of Greece at the prospect of FYROM to join NATO and EU under its constitutional name Macedonia has created serious internal problems in this state, which resulted in postponement of parliamentary ele…

Sale of Construction Materials Grows by 27.8 Percent in 2015

The Statistics Bureau has published data on sales of construction materials in 2015, which show that the market has grown by 27.8 percent compared to 2014.
Construction companies used MKD 11,63 billion (EUR 190 million) on materials during 2015. This includes using fuel for construction, while the main category is binding materials.

Economic Chamber of Macedonia and Ilinden municipality to Launch Business Club

Ilinden municipality and the Economic Chamber of Macedonia are to sign memorandum of cooperation on establishment of business club in the municipality and strengthening economy at local level.
Signing the memorandum will mean a partnership that will enable effective cooperation between the municipality and the business community aimed at accelerating the economic development and creating favorable conditions for doing business and investment, the Economic Chamber of Macedonia said in a press release.
Mayor Zika Stojanovski and President of the Economic Chamber Daniela Arsovska are to sign the memorandum of cooperation on Wednesday.

UNHCR: Macedonia Offered Great Support for Refugees

Macedonia provided huge support for the vast number of refugees who have passed through the region. The way the country dealt with the crisis deserves appreciation, despite the fact that it was just a small part of the refugees who had been forces to move around the world amid violence and tyranny. Over 60 percent of the refugees are women and children, including little children travelling alone, or separated from their parents, and who need to be taken extra care of, read the release of the UNHCR Presentation based in Skopje on the occasion of World Refugee Day - June 20.
"Citizens in the country, led by their humanitarian spirit, have given the initial aid, creating a path for the Government and all humanitarian partners to reinstate coordinated aid. The aid showed the preparedness of the country to deal with an urgent situation on a large scale and to ensure that the humanitarian aid gets to those who need it most," the release read.

UNHCR hoped that the recent changes t…

Cannabis oil available in pharmacies across Macedonia without prescription

We have fulfilled another significant promise to improve the healthcare system in the country. As of today, cannabis oil will be available for purchase without prescription across pharmacies in Macedonia. This oil will be with a less than 0.2 percent THC level, and it will available with two different concentrations of CBD­ 5 and 7 percent, the Health Ministry informed on Monday. “With this new product, we met the requests of the citizens and the expert community, whose remarks, opinions and suggestions we heard in public debates on this subject and we implemented them in a legal solution in March this year. According to international experiences, the cannabis oil can have positive effects on conditions like stress, anxiousness, nervousness, depression and it can also be used to fight symptoms of nausea, sickness, helps in digestive balance and boosting the immune system. That’s why the oil is sold without prescription and is available to everyone. Also, the product will be without t…

Macedonia to host Luigi Micheletti Award Ceremony

Macedonia and the Ministry of Culture in September 2017 will host and organize a ceremony where the Luigi Micheletti Award will be presented for best museum in Europe, considered one of the leading recognitions for innovative museums.
The decision of the Board of the European Museum Academy (EMA), made at an annual meeting in May 2016 in the island of Lesbos, is of huge importance for Macedonia recognizing the efforts made by the Culture Ministry by investing in museums, i.e. constructing museums to present the country’s rich cultural heritage and history,” the Ministry has said.
The Luigi Micheletti Award ceremony, set to be held at the Museum of Macedonian Struggle for Independence in Skopje, will bring together EMA board members, representatives of the nominated museums, university professors from Europe, as well as other notable guests including Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg.
In 2013, the Museum for Macedonian Struggle was shortlisted for the Luigi Micheletti Award in the catego…

GDP in Macedonia Rises by 2 Percent in Q1

According to the latest data of the State Statistical Office of Macedonia, the growth rate of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the first quarter (Q1) of 2016 was 2 percent.

In this quarter, the biggest increase was recorded in sections: K -­ Financial and insurance activities by 13.3 percent; M and N ­- Professional, scientific and technical activities; Administrative and support service activities by 11.7 percent; and F -­ Construction by 7.7 percent.

In the first quarter of 2016, Household final consumption, including Non­profit institutions serving households, increased by 3.2 percent in nominal terms, and its share in the GDP structure was 64.3 percent.

In the same period, Export of goods and services increased by 12.6 percent in nominal terms, while Import of goods and services increased by 7.4 percent.

Macedonian National Theater Performs 'Solaris' Rendition at Wiener Festwochen in Vienna

Macedonian National Theater (MNT) performs its rendition of Solaris at the Wiener Festwochen festival in Vienna on Friday evening. This theatrical project has been co-produced by the Vienna festival, and directed by internationally renowned Ukrainian director Andriy Zholdak.
This is the second time MNT has cooperated with Zholdak, following their Electra in 2014. This time, the theme is Stanislaw Lem's sci-­fi novel, which is being portrayed in Zholdak's traditional theatrical style. The play tells of vain attempts to communicate with alien life, and has led to two successful film editions.
Zholdak says that he sees Solaris as a fascinating and dangerous Odyssey through memory and longings. The Vienna festival presents the play as a "return flight from a distant start to the deepest reaches of one's personal self". Berlin-based director Zholdak has interwoven cyber­-punk and science fiction elements in the play and is being announced as "theater of pure rag…

Austria invests in Macedonian business

Thinking of doing business in Skopje? Austrian businesses now have the perfect opportunity to meet their Macedonian counterparts in the middle of June, at the Palais Kaiserhaus in Vienna.
From Telekom Austria through to Wiener Insurance and housebuilding with REHAU, many large Austrian companies are already represented in Macedonia and are happily doing business there.
But the organisers of the Macedonia2025 association of business professionals believe there are a lot more opportunities to be developed and expanded.
Macedonia has a rich history, and was once the home of Alexander the Great. Austria, which commenced diplomatic relations with Macedonia in 1994, is now supporting its bid for full EU membership. Vienna maintains a full-time embassy in Skopje, while Macedonia maintains an embassy in Austria.
And with Austria supporting Macedonia's efforts to join the European Union, and fully supporting Macedonia during the country's visa liberalization process, it looks as if th…

Skopje Street Festival Kicks Off Friday in City Park

The 4th Skopje Street Festival will take place in the city park, where over 5,000 progressive Skopje residents, as well as guests of the region countries of all ages, are expected to participate in 5 urban culture creative stages: graffiti, streetball, workshops, dance and a music.
This year the festival has included several interactive workshops, such as "Custom Sneaker", "Beats&Breaks" music production workshop with Dutch DJ Propo 88, and "Red Bull Curates" - a project for creative drawing over new surfaces.
DJ's Clash competition is a new stage, supported by Win Music Freedom, calling all young fans of electronic music for a 30-minute set "battle". The winner will be chosen by some of Macedonia's most popular DJs and will win a chance to have a two-hour set in some of the Skopje-based clubs.
"Skopje Street Festival continues this year with much stronger dynamics and a wider concept to build street culture and urban awakening…

Macedonian Studio FX3X Works on Game of Thrones Animation and Visual Effects

After the collaboration for the popular TV show Game of Thrones 9th and 10th episodes of season 4, Macedonian animation and visual effects company FX3X, as the cooperators of Digital Symphony, have participated in the creation of the animation and visual effects of episodes 7 and 8, of the 6th season, titled "The Broken Man" and "No One".
Game of Thrones is one of the most viewed American science fiction TV shows, produced by the HBO channel, created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. The show is adapted after the Song of Ice and Fire, a series of books written by George R.R. Martin, the first of which is titled Game of Thrones.
The show premiered on HBO in 2011 in USA. The screening of season 5 ended June 14, 2015, and season 6 is still shooting. So far, the shooting has taken place in a studio in Belfast, and other locations in Northern Ireland, Croatia, Morocco, Spain, Malta, Scotland and USA.

Aleksandra Janeva Wins "Makfest"

Aleksandra Janeva who performed the song "For hundred years" won the 31st edition of the Festival of pop music "Makfest". She won the award for the best vocal interpretation, "Dragan Karanfilovski -Bojs".
Simona Poposka with the song "I will find another" is on the second place and got EUR 7,500. She also won the award for best stage performance and received EUR 1,000. Third placed is the young singer Antonija Gigovska with the song "About Us", who received EUR 5,000. Gigovska also won the award for rookie of the year which was named "Dusan Ljubisavlevic-Dule" worth EUR  1,000.
The most listened song between the two festivals is "Srce da se otvori" of Zuica Lazova and Joce Panov and Damir Imeri has won the award for best arrangement "Dragan Gjakonovski-Spato".
"The general assessment is that this year there was a big interest in "Makfest" and that the songs brought back some of the shine of…

Macedonia and Bulgaria to Establish Railway Link by 2020

Railway link between Macedonia and Bulgaria, intensifying cooperation between railway companies, as well as exchange of experience and experts were in the focus of Friday's talks in Skopje between Macedonian Railways­-Infrastructure director Irfan Asani and Bulgaria's National Railway Infrastructure Company CEO Milcho Lambrev.
Asani briefed Lambrev over the current construction works and projects related to the railway networking between the two countries, expecting the link to be established by 2020 at the latest
"If everything goes according to plans, works should be completed by 2020, resulting in a railway connection between Skopje and Sofia", said Asani.
According to Lambrev, Bulgarian railways are currently working on new rail routes leading to Macedonia.
"We will complete the works by 2020. We are prepared to use the old route, although we are working in parallel on the new route leading to the Macedonian border", added Lambrev.


Cannabis oil available in pharmacies across Macedonia without prescription

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