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Greek President harshly attacks Macedonia over refugee crisis

Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos, sent sharp criticism and accusations towards Macedonian politicians, saying that they are trying to seize the moment of the refugee crisis to make a point over the name dispute.
Speaking at an event in Thessaloniki, Pavlopoulos stressed that Greece shows solidarity with the refugees in the country, thanks to the ancient Greek spirit and culture. He also requested other European countries do the same, noting that the EU is based on the ideas of humanity, democracy and justice.
“The EU is not a refuge for timid people, nor is it a vessel flying the its flag for political opportunism. This message applies to the neighboring country of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, whose leaders need to understand that by looking for names they are making an attempt to falsify history, but also by raising wired fences and barbaric acts against refugees, they are openly violating and going against European values ​​and there is no place for that in the Eu…

Macedonia's National Archive Publishes New Copies of Historically Important Documents

The National Archive has published the third part of the project dubbed 'Special Edition of Documents True to the Original', for which five papers were chosen out of the large number of records kept at the institution's depot.
According to the National Archive, one document dates from May 16, 1905 and speaks of the leaders of the second revolutionary county in Aegean Macedonia; another represents a certificate for an accepted award presented by VMRO (Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization) to Georgi H. Mitrev and his services to the Macedonian Liberation Deed dating from December 1925; then, Panko Brasnarov's speech on the occasion of the first session of ASNOM (Antifascist Assembly of the National Liberation of Macedonia), dated August 2, 1944; a resolution on the Macedonian Alphabet passed by the national government of Federal Macedonia, with explanations on the new letters and the dark vowels, adopted by the Education Ministry in Skopje on May 16, 1945; and…

Vanja Lazarova Music Documentary Entered Official Selection of LA Film Festival

A Macedonian documentary about the legendary folk singer Vanja Lazarova has entered the official selection of the Star Doc Film Festival (Documentary Films), set to be held in Los Angeles on March 25-27.
Films from all over the world, selected into 19 categories, will be screened at this prestigious US festival. “Vanja ­- Born in Pain” is up for best music documentary.
Lazarova’s longtime manager and publisher Ivo Jankoski is the author of the film, directed by Sinisa Eftimov and produced by the Skopje­-based Media Broadcasting company.
The film so far has been part of three international film festivals, namely All Seas Film Festival, Roma Cinema DOC and London Shows International Film Festival.

More informations: Macedonian Film Agency

Greek minister told to resign for not calling Macedonia 'The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia'

Bizarre government row over correct name for Macedonia sparks accusations that ministers are trying to create a distraction from the migration crisis.
With thousands of refugees arriving on a daily basis and the threat of expulsion from the Schengen zone looming over the country, one might think Greece is treating the European migration crisis as its top priority. Instead, the Greek government has been plunged into a bizarre row over the correct name of neighbouring country Macedonia, after its migration minister caused an outcry by failing to refer to it as the “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.” Despite apologising for calling Macedonia simply “Macedonia” during an interview on Tuesday, Yannis Mouzalas came under intense pressure to step down from ministers in Greece's ruling coalition. The name "Macedonia" is internationally recognised but fiercely disputed by some Greeks, who feel that the country's choice of name is a territorial claim on Greece's own …

Syrian refugees claim Greek mafia asks for EUR 200-300 to transfer them though the border

Syrian and Iraqi refugees claim that the Greek mafia asks them to pay EUR 200-300 to transfer them through the border close to the village of Moin, Macedonian Dnevnik daily writes.

The newspaper quotes Iranian woman Bahar Mirat, who was sent to the camp in Gevgelija after the mass entrance into Macedonia through Moin. She added that if she was not allowed to stay in Macedonia and was returned to Greece, she would try to cross the border illegally again.

Dnevnik recalls that the mother of the two sisters, who drowned in the Suva Reka River on Monday, is at the Gevgelija camp, too.

Macedonian Army sends back Migrants who entered illegally from Greece

Macedonia sent back hundreds of refugees to Greece on Tuesday, a day after they bypassed a border fence in a mass push to continue their journey north to Europe's prosperous heartland -- a move Greece blamed on "criminal misinformation" possibly spread by volunteers working with them.
Interior Ministry spokesman Toni Angelovski told The Associated Press the migrants "have been returned to Greece." About 1,500 people, frustrated at being stuck for weeks in a waterlogged tent city outside the closed crossing of Idomeni, guided by Greek border police on foot and with maps pushed their way into Macedonia on Monday through an unguarded section of the border. They walked about 5 kilometres (3 miles) and forded a swollen stream near the Greek village of Hamilo.
A Macedonian official said 700 migrants who had been detained overnight were deported to Greece through the same location they entered. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not auth…

UN Confirms Death of Macedonian Citizen in Ivory Coast Terrorist Attack

The UN confirmed that Anita Andreevska-Mitrovska, a Macedonian citizens, passed away in the terrorist attack which occurred in Ivory Coast. Their internet site states that Anita passed away on Sunday, while she arrived in Ivory Coast in December of last year after her service in Afghanistan.
"I was hoping to hear that this is a mistake. It seems that it is not. Rest in Peace. You will be missed.", this is how Anita's friends said goodbye to her on Facebook.
An Al-Qaeda branch took responsibility for the attack in the Grand-Bassam resort where a total of 16 were killed.
The Macedonian Interior Ministry still has not come out with any information about the murder of the Macedonian citizen.   

Deutsche Übersetzung - German translation HERE


I've never seen a head of state during an interview to be so angry! This is the message that on Twitter sent famous German journalist Kai Diekmann, editor in chief of "Bild" after the interview with Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov, who recently provoked outrage in Skopje-Berlin-Brussels.
Ivanov in the interview really reacted in the way the EU handles the refugee crisis and the unequal treatment from Brussels to member states of the EU and those that are not, in terms of the assistance given to address the humanitarian and security crisis in the region. The President did not forget to comment on the delay of EU integration of Macedonia because of our name. He says the state Macedonia received zero euros in aid for refugees. Ivanov said Germany since last autumn did not allow access to EU databases from non-EU countries. Yesterday Brussels and Berlin have denied this. Quite by chance, in the German press somehow simultaneously occur interview Slovenian Prime Minister …

Macedonian president settles a score here

BILD: Mr President, in order to stop the influx of refugees, it has been planned that Turkey will receive six billion euros and that visa requirements will be lifted. At the same time, Macedonia has to do the „dirty work“ for the EU at the border with Greece, as Vice Chancellor Gabriel calls it. Do you feel you have been taken for a fool? Gjorge Ivanov: „This is not the first time that Macedonia has been let down by the EU, we already know the feeling! No one helped us when we took on 360 000 refugees during the Kosovo War. That’s why we have now reacted proactively – our army is protecting our borders. Let’s face it: in the refugee crisis, we are now paying for the mistakes of the EU. We already had to spend 25 million euros in tax money. We already declared a state of emergency. And what have we received from Europe? Nothing! Not a single cent. Instead, we as a non-EU country now have to protect Europe from an EU country, that is, Greece.“
BILD: You are also not a Schengen member, bu…

Qatar Airways to Launch Skopje-­Doha Flight in November

Qatar Airways, one of world's leading airline companies said it will launch Skopje-­Doha flight as of November 2016. The company sent an official letter to Macedonia's Ministry of Transport and Communications on Wednesday regarding the launch of the flight.
Qatar Airways will promote the flight's details, Minister of Transport and Communications Vlado Misajlovski told reporters on Thursday.
He extended gratitude to the Qatari Ambassador to Macedonia and all of those who took part in negotiations that yielded the desired result. Misajlovski paid special respect to ruling VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski, saying that during his visit to Qatar at the time when he was Prime Minister the basic frame of the agreement on introducing the flight had been defined.
With this flight, plus the new ones to Bratislava, Berlin, Copenhagen and Prague, Macedonia will be connected with a total of 35 destinations, Misajlovski said.
The Government has been working on increasing the number of…

First Macedonian Minority Party Established in Serbia

On Wednesday in Novi Sad, the first Macedonian minority party was officially established in Serbia.
The Party of Macedonians of Serbia will have its headquarters in Belgrade, Dimce Bulevski, president of the party's executive committee stated for Tanjug.
He pointed out that the party will take part in the upcoming elections on April 24, but added that he is uncertain whether the party will participate independently or in a coalition.
Bulevski pointed out that there are about a 100,000 Macedonians living in Serbia at the moment.

Macedonian Singer Kaliopi Promotes Eurovision 2016 Song

The pop diva Kaliopi will present her new song Dona on Monday. This is the song she will participate with at the 61st Eurovision song contest that takes place in Sweden in May.
The first promotion of the song will be in the Vodenica wine club in Skopje.
Romeo Grill, who authored the song Black and White for her 2012 contest, is the author of Dona as well.
The 2012 performance in Baku earned Kaliopi the 13th place.

Deutsche Übersetzung HIER - German translation HERE

Macedonia in search for national airline partner

Macedonian government seeks foreign partner for national airline project
Macedonia is continuing its search for a foreign partner in order for it to assist in the establishment of the country's new national carrier. Although the process has been somewhat delayed, the head of the Macedonian Civil Aviation Agency, Goran Jandreoski, says the country is still committed to the project. "We have not put the process on hold. We are looking for the right partner", Mr Jandreoski told the "Denar" portal. Last year, the Dutch-based InterVistas Consulting Group compiled a detailed traffic forecast for the government, as well as a financial feasibility study, and gave recommendations on whether a new national airline is needed and whether the company could be financially viable. Furthermore, the consulting firm devised a timetable outlining the pace at which the new airline should be formed. Mr Jandreoski notes that the findings of the study are confidential. "Data fr…

Why Alexander the Macedonian ordered his men to shave?

The revolution that ended the reign of beards occurred on September 30, 331 b.c., as Alexander the Great prepared for a decisive showdown with the Persian emperor for control of Asia. On that day, he ordered his men to shave. Yet from time immemorial in ancient culture, a smooth chin on a grown man had been taken as a sign of effeminacy or degeneracy.  What can explain this unprecedented command? When the commander Parmenio asked the reason, according to the ancient historian Plutarch, Alexander replied, “Don’t you know that in battles there is nothing handier to grasp than a beard?” But there is ample cause to doubt Plutarch’s explanation. Stories of beard-pulling in battles were myth rather than history.  Plutarch and later historians misunderstood the order because they neglected the most relevant fact, namely that Alexander had dared to do what no self-respecting leader had ever done before: shave his face, likening himself to the demigod Heracles, rendered in painting and sculpt…

Doubles delight to see off Macedonia

Ireland came from behind in their Davis Cup clash against Macedonia last night to clinch a promotion play-off tie against Cyprus today.
Appearing in just his second Davis Cup rubber, 18-year-old Bjorn Thomson lost 3-6 6-3 6-3 to Dimitar Grabul in the opening contest of the Europe Zone Group Three event in Tallinn, Estonia. But Sam Barry levelled matters for Conor Niland's side when he cruised to a 6-3 6-4 victory in the battle of the No 1 players against Tomislav Jotovski. And then Limerick man Barry went back on court - after a brief recovery period - and partnered Dubliner David O'Hare to a 6-3 6-2 success against Grabul and Jotovski in the deciding doubles contest. Barry and doubles specialist O'Hare broke their opponents twice to take the first set. A further break ensued in the fourth game of the second set, and then after the Macedonians had bravely saved three match points, Barry and O'Hare broke their opponents for the fourth time to clinch victory. It will be…

Macedonian Statistical Office Releases Fresh Data on Tourism & Transportation Industries

The State Statistical Office published sets of data on Friday, covering tourism and transportation industries.
The data shows there were a total of 1.927,000 commutes in road transportation in the fourth quarter of 2015; 352,000 commutes in railway traffic, 22.433,000 in city traffic and 375,600 plane travelers.
The statistical office also informs that the quantity of goods transported in these three months by road grew by 39,7 percent, while railway transportation of goods declined by 32 percent. Plane transport fell by 10,3 percent.
Prices in the hospitality industry for February 2016 were at the same level as in the previous month, and grew by 0,3 percent compared to February 2015.
Cumulative index of prices in the hospitality industry for January and February 2016, compared to these two months in 2015, grew by 0,6 percent.

Macedonia: Construction of New Clinical Hospital Kicks off in Stip

A groundbreaking ceremony marked Thursday a launch of construction of a new Clinical Hospital in Stip ­ an investment of about EUR 30 million.
The ceremony saw the presence of Transitional Prime Minister Emil Dimitriev, Health Minister Nikola Todorov, VMRO-­DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski, MPs and Stip Mayor Ilco Zahariev.
The new Clinical Hospital is going to be first of its kind in Macedonia, Dimitriev said at the ceremony.
The eight-­level complex will offer a great number of wards and medical centers. The diagnostic, treatment center for both in and out patients will be located on the first three storeys, while the patient rooms are to occupy the higher levels of the building. All departments will be connected for easer communication of patients and medical personnel, Dimitriev said.
He pointed out that today's event was a result of the Government's policies for investing in Macedonia's healthcare system. The new hospital is going to be the most modern health facility in…

Macedonian president Ivanov: We will not allow the creation of refugee camps

The European Union has turned its attention toward Skopje as the country is facing a refugee crisis and mounting tension in the south of the country on the border with Greece.
The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk arrived last evening in Skopje and met with the president of the country, Gjorge Ivanov and after a meeting that lasted several hours, he left for Athens, avoiding the media.
Ivanov’s office said that the two discussed the finding of a joint solution to the refugee crisis.
The statement said that Ivanov and Tusk said that there must be co-ordination of activities and assistance for the countries which are part of the Balkan route for refugees. Tusk expressed his readiness to support the country in facing the crisis, while promising assistance for the authorities in Skopje.
Ivanov said that Macedonia will not allow refugee camps to be built in its territory.

Skopje's 'Alexander the Great' Airport Awarded for Best European Airport in 2015

Skopje’s “Alexander the Great” Airport has received (Airport Councils International) ACI’s Service Quality Award for best European Airport of 2015 in the under two million passengers category, TAV reported Tuesday.
"The award is a confirmation of our dedication towards the passengers and airlines, as well as towards the newly opened routes and improved services, for which we are grateful to our partner companies", Zoran Krstevski , the head of TAV Macedonia, stated.
Skopje airport received the same award in 2012 and 2013.
The ACI program which analizes the services that are offered by airports, announced the winners on Monday night in Montreal, Canada, after processing over 550,000 surveys from over 300 airports in more than 80 countries in 2015.
The surveys cover 34 key service areas and they include 8 main categories such as approach, check-in, security, facilities, food, drinks, retail etc. All airports that participated used the same survey questions, allowing the airpo…

Nine Macedonians climb Kilimanjaro

Team of mountaineers comprised of nine-members from Macedonia, five from Albania, one from Serbia and Austria succeeded to climb Uhuru, the tallest peak (5,895 meters) on Kilimanjaro which is the highest mountain in Africa, located in Northeast Tanzania.
Zivko Temelkoski led the expedition and the three highest points of the volcano crater were climbed by Ivan Trpkov and Viktor Kalauzi from mountaineering sports club “Dimitar Ilievski Murato” from Bitola, Ilija Belevski, Igor Stojakovic, Dimitar Malinovski, Aleksandar Nikolovski from mountaineering sports club “Makeptrol” in Skopje, Katica Borisovska from mountaineering sports club “Ruen” in Kriva Palanka and Iskra Lazarova from mountaineering sports club “Bistra” in Skopje.
Climbing to Uhuru lasted five days, four in ascending and the last day in descending.
The team has returned to Macedonia several days ago. The expedition was organised in the frameworks of the Balkan Mountaineering Union (BMU).


Cannabis oil available in pharmacies across Macedonia without prescription

Nine Vinica Fortress terracotta icons to be exhibited at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum

Time Travel: Skopje Antique Shops Are Full of Objects that Have Long Been Forgotten

Macedonian Government to ban protests with new law on public gatherings

Greek jets mount NATO practice flights over Macedonia