Parliament resumes debate on constitutional amendments on Friday

Parliament’s debate on the proposed constitutional changes resumes on Friday (Oct. 19), Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi said after Wednesday’s session in which only SDSM MPs took part.

Earlier in the day, VMRO-DPMNE MPs said they quit the debate calling it ‘futile’ and announcing they would be voting against the constitutional changes. Also, they urged MPs of the ruling majority to cancel their speeches and to begin voting on the government motion for changing the constitution.

Speaking at the plenary session, SDSM MPs stressed that now is the time all those who have been championing NATO and EU integration to give concrete support to constitutional changes.

“Our only interest should be the state. If we keep on declaring who is a bigger patriot and who is a traitor, the result will be a defeat. Our duty as lawmakers is to pave the way of Macedonia toward stability, security and economic prosperity and the only way to get there is trough the EU and NATO,” the SDSM MPs said.

According to them, the public is swayed with speculation that the Prespa Agreement erases the name Macedonia and that the adjective 'North' threatened the identity.

"We are faced with making a very important, difficult, unique, historic decision for the future of Macedonia, which will close a years-long absurd dispute with our southern neighbor. The issue is real and we, as politicians, are obliged to address it. It's time we quit fantasizing about victories and defeats, about triumphs and disasters, it's time we took a decisive step for the future of Macedonia," it was noted at the session. 



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