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Academics Take Issue With Prespa Agreement - Letter to the Editor

To The Editor
As scholars and authors we wish to take issue with the distortion of the Prespa ‘agreement’ in some quarters, and portrayal of opponents as nationalist and extremists.
The agreement does not serve the needs of Macedonia or Greece. It shows no respect for international law, human rights and democratic principles.
An agreement trying to define political, historical and cultural boundaries between “classical Macedonia” and (would be) North Macedonia is a bizarre undertaking in the 21st century. The construction of identities is not for governments. Macedonia is subjected to arbitrary international engineering against the will of the people. With little public support a highly polarized atmosphere deepens internal divisions. The asymmetric ‘deal’ will not lessen regional tensions as only the weaker (Macedonian) side was forced to compromise, to force (North) Macedonia into NATO – itself in an identity crisis.
The deal denies constitutional sovereignty of Macedonia, with fin…


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