Most citizens would vote against Ilindenska Macedonia

The majority of citizens – 61.5% – would vote “no” on a referendum on the name “Republic of Ilindenska Macedonia”, showed a poll conducted by M-prospect in cooperation with MCIC

The majority of ethnic Macedonians, ie 70.5%, would vote with a “no”. The vast majority of VMRO-DPMNE sympathizers would also not support this proposal, ie with a “no” vote they make up 92.7% of the vote. Ethnic Albanians in 52.8% of cases answered that the Republic of Ilindenska Macedonia is an acceptable solution for them. For supporters of SDSM this proposal is acceptable in 56.4% of cases, while for DUI supporters, 62.5%.

Compared with the results of the field survey conducted in April 2018, for the citizens, the addition of Ilindenska is less acceptable than the addition of Gorna – 41.5% would accept a change with the name Gorna, compared with 27.2% who would accept Ilindenska.

Just over a third of respondents, or 38.9%, would vote in a referendum on the Republic of Ilinden Macedonia when the country becomes an EU member,

Of the ethnic Macedonians, 63.8% would vote with a “no”, while ethnic Albanians in almost three quarters (72.1%) of the cases said that it is acceptable for them to be the Republic of Ilinden Macedonia when the country becomes an EU member.

According to political affiliation, this proposal is most acceptable for VMRO-DPMNE, where 89.5% would vote with a “no”, for supporters of SDSM this proposal is acceptable in 71.8% of cases, while for DUI supporters in 88, 8% of cases.

The public opinion poll was conducted by a phone survey in the period between May 23 to May 26, 2018, through a national representative sample of 1,047 respondents.


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