Jean Monnet process kicks off in Ohrid

In a working atmosphere and with the assistance of experts a consensus could be reached on some issues, but the solutions will be adopted by Macedonia’s Parliament, MEP Ivo Vajgl said ahead of a working dinner that launched the ‘Jean Monnet’ process Thursday in Ohrid, initiated by MEPs Vajgl, Eduard Kukan and Knut Fleckenstein.

The "Jean Monnet" initiative represents an opening of an informal dialogue between Macedonian lawmakers without media presence, in an attempt to find a common ground on certain issues. The key is to bring positions closer on topics related to Macedonia’s EU, NATO integration processes.

The talks under this process will also tackle Macedonia’s future, Vajgl said.

‘That’s exactly why we are here. We were engaged in the Przino Agreement, and are now pleased to say that the country has made a substantial progress by obtaining a formal assurance for unconditional start of the EU accession talks. Naturally decisions to that effect are being made by the European Council. I am however an optimist in this respect,’ Vajgl said.

During the gathering Macedonian deputies from all parliamentary groups, led by Speaker Talat Xhaferi and the three vice-speakers, will discuss issues mainly related to the Parliament's Rules of Procedures, the Code of Ethics and budgetary independence. Other issues might also be discussed.

The dialogue is to be crowned with a working dinner, which should be also attended by the leaders of parliamentary parties – SDSM – Zoran Zaev; VMRO-DPMNE – Hristijan Mickovski; DUI – Ali Ahmeti; DPA – Menduh Thaci; the Alliance of Albanians – Zijadin Sela and BESA – Bilal Kasami. Sergei Stanishev, President the Party of European Socialists (PES), is set to deliver a speech at the dinner.

The gathering under the Jean Monnet process is also considered to be part of the country's reforms, since issues related to the Parliament are incorporated in the Government's Plan 3-6-9.  

According to Speaker Xhaferi, the meeting in Ohrid should contribute to restoring the political culture in the Macedonian highest legislative body. 


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