Zaev: Step closer to name solution with Kotzias' visit and Nimetz's meeting

For Zoran Zaev, the upcoming visit of Greek FM Nikos Kotzias to Skopje and the negotiations with the UN mediator, Matthew Nimetz, is an opportunity for the two sides to come closer to resolving the issue of Greece with Macedonia's constitutional name.

"I believe there is a possibility to find a solution, and I'm optimistic provided that we take care of dignity and of identity. It matters to me how the public in Greece will accept it, and whether it is applicable in their institutions. I believe that the politicians in Greece, including PM (Alexis) Tsipras should care about how it will be accepted in Macedonia, and how it will be accepted in the institutions," Zaev told journalists on Monday.

The people who are negotiating, he added, are individuals, and in the end it will be the institutions of Macedonia and Greece that are the decision-makers.

"I believe that a breakthrough can be made, perhaps it wouldn't be completely settled, however we should make a step closer, because days, months go by. We want this issue to be solved by the summer. I believe it is also the goal of the Greek administration, too," noted Zaev.

He said he had been informing the head of state and the opposition about the course of the negotiations when he thought it was necessary.

The meeting with Nimetz will be most likely followed by a fresh leaders' meeting, Zaev said


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