UEFA Super Cup: Profit and Promotion for Macedonia

At least 20m euros. This should be the direct benefit for Macedonia from the organization of the UEFA Super Cup. Estimates show that this is roughly the amount spent by fans that arrived in the country. It was possible to earn more, hotels and caterers agree.

Without any incidents, with excellent organization and wonderful atmosphere Macedonia has shown that can organize such an event from world caliber. The eyes of the entire European, but also the world football public last night were pointed at the Macedonian capital, which dignifiedly responded to the challenge and proved to be a perfect light.

It seems we have passed the big caliber sword organization test. Europe and the world are witnessing the fantastic organization of our country for the European Super Cup, where the giants Real Madrid and Manchester United were on the arena, and the match in crowded stands was played at Philip Arena in Skopje.

UEFA gave Macedonia the trust, and our country made sure to make a complete spectacle. Playwrights from our country took to the field and made a Macedonian dance to eat around the world.

Members of Macedonian ensembles played "Malesevka" and "Kopacka" dances, and gathered the applause from the stands for this.

Eighteen children with impaired hearing from "Partenie Zografski" school, which performed before the Supercup competition, singed "Sky Full Of Stars" from "Coldplay" in sign language.

More than 300 television companies from around 200 countries have been transferring the evening spectacle. According to estimates, the transfer was watched by between half and one billion viewers, making it the second most viewed event after the Summer Olympics in Rio.

The atmosphere was ideal both at the stadium and outside. Without any registered incident, today's day in Skopje was a holiday of football. The city hospitably welcomed the thousands of fans of Real Madrid and Manchester United, who were enthusiastically beaten by Skopje in the same manner, without any incidents.

Macedonia has not yet organized such an event, but successfully passed the test and showed that in the future it is capable of again giving such an organizational role.

Macedonia received a free tourist promotion from the many journalists' houses that came to watch the match. Skopje is the first city in the region to receive the organization of such a prestigious football competition, and it was implemented in the ideal way.

The safety of the citizens and the participants of the Super Cup was not jeopardized. There were no serious violations of public order and peace. Evaluation of the MOI operational headquarters. 14 people, eight Macedonian and six foreign nationals detained. Registered traffic tickets, sale of scarves with inscription of the participating teams and one theft.

"The assessment I received from the headquarters is that these days, before the competition was held and on the day of the competition, the safety of the citizens and all the participants was not threatened and serious disturbances of the public order and peace were not registered. 14 people were arrested, out of which 6 foreign citizens and 8 Macedonian citizens. A foreign citizen is called to give a statement before a public prosecutor because he was a buyer of a ticket in case of resale, "said Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski.

For the traffic of tickets, a criminal charge of illicit trafficking was earned by two Englishmen, a Serb and two Macedonians.

An employee of the Intelligence Agency did not allow search at the entrance into the stadium, which prevented an official in the performance of his duties.

British also suffered. The taxi driver who transported him stole him 400 euros and a gold necklace. Police is searching for him.

The MOI operational headquarters hired 2,600 police officers in charge of the security of the players in the football arena, around the stadium and the fan zones.

According to the city authorities, about 33,000 fans attended the match between Real Madrid and Manchester United, and Skopje in the past days have visited more than 100,000 tourists.

Immediately after the completion of the UEFA Super Cup, the teams of PE "Komunalna Higiena" - Skopje conducted a special action for cleaning the central city area - the squares Macedonia, Filip Vtori, Mother of God, Mother Teresa and VMRO, as well as the wider surroundings of the City Stadium.

There was no increase in the usual number of interventions during the UEFA Super Cup yesterday evening, according to the Ministry of Health.

At the Clinic for Toxicology, no patients were admitted, no collapse was registered in the Emergency Medical Service, and only one foreign citizen with a broken arm was transported to the St. Naum Ohridski Clinic for Surgical Diseases.

Also, from the Emergency Center in the complex clinics inform that the night has passed peacefully and without increased number of interventions.

As the Ministry of Health says, this situation shows increased awareness among the citizens and respect of health recommendations.

The Super Cup was also found in foreign media. What is about the Ultra Festival of Ultra, for Skopje is the Super Cup of Europe, and probably a little more. The cafes shine branded in the signs of Real or Manister United, the Spanish melancholy and the British rock along the river Vardar, the hotels are sold out, unless you have a good relationship. Overnight stays of 250-300 Euros, in the middle rank, these days are pure bagatelle. There are at least 25,000 foreigners in the city just because of football. Macedonia lives for the biggest sporting event ever happened on its soil, writes the Croatian portal Jutarnji.

In the article it is written that Croatia in October 2012 visited the Arena Filip Vtori, and the summer that year the stadium was opened. UEFA was able to return it, in its project Super Cup to play in the countries that can not host the final of the Champions League, Skopje came as ordered, the article writes.

The text also mentions Davor Suker's statement that if Croatia were to have a stadium according to the criteria of UEFA it would receive the Super Cup. There it is complementary that Macedonia is among the countries that can do what Croatia can not, build a temple of football and lead giants.

- The stadium received the highest rating from UEFA, no one plays on the ground for a month, the illumination is 2,400 lux, and it takes 1,800, all the chairs are changed, considering the VIP box, and the restaurants are arranged again. Everything is ready for the biggest spectacle. The capacity of 33,700 is reduced to 30,000 due to television cameras, there will be 21 cameras. When entering the stadium there are three controls for control of passports or ID cards. Real and United are very pleased. And how we had to make everything what UEFA demanded, a new climate was set up, televisions, a press room for 400 journalists was expanded, the facade was finished, I can say peacefully that at this moment there is no such stadium in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, Trpevski said Jutarnji.

The text also says that the visit to Skopje these days was also expensive, hoteliers raised prices by 10 times, and some even for 40. Trpeski for Jutarnji says that certain articles are exaggerated.

- It says that the rooms go up to a thousand euros, that's not true, here I am now in a hotel in the center, at the Olympic pool, 250-300 euros is per room, double or triple. With breakfast. The beer is Euro and half and no one has raised the price. Resale on cards is strictly prohibited, the government passed a law if someone gets caught up to three years in prison.

The text concludes that Skopje enjoys the synergy of football and the lead wire. And that earns money as rarely.



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