VMRO-DPMNE blames SDSM of partisanship and criminal ties

VMRO-DPMNE blamed SDSM of trying to bring Macedonia to the lawless transition period of the 1990ies, with its appointments which VMRO-DPMNE called criminal.

"SDS led a criminal campaign and is now attempting to rule the country in a criminal manner. Zoran Zaev demands the replacement of the Public Prosecutor in order to prevent an on-going investigation in the illegal funding of their campaign. The goal is to prevent the public from realizing the amount of black money that was poured into the SDS campaign, something we could all clearly see in the Shuto Orizari area. It's been two weeks since we all saw the footage that shows SDS member of Parliament Kurto Dudush who was buying votes with 80.000 EUR", VMRO-DPMNE said in its press release. VMRO-DPMNE refers to the SDSM party as SDS, omitting the letter M which stands for Macedonia.

The footage also showed the Roma member of Parliament for SDSM telling Roma citizens from the Shuto Orizari neighborhood of Skopje that they should join the SDSM party and can then use the party cards to avoid responsibility for traffic accidents or get jobs in the public sector.

"SDS is pushing its partisan agenda down to the lowest level and creates a system where their party membership card will decide the fate of the citizens. VMRO-DPMNE calls on the international community and the international representatives in Macedonia to carefully monitor the statements of SDS members of Parliament and to follow the developments in Macedonia under SDS rule", VMRO-DPMNE said, adding that it will not compromise when it comes to protecting the democratic principles and foundations of Macedonia.

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