Hillary Clinton now blames Macedonia for election loss, in bizarre onstage interview

Hillary Clinton explaining away her pathetic election campaign at a tech conference.

Hillary Clinton, the most inept politician when it comes to tech, speaking at a tech conference.

The candidate who had insecure email servers sitting in her basement, speaking at a tech conference. The candidate whose campaign manager fell for ridiculous phishing scams and used the word “password” as his actual gmail password, speaking at a tech conference.

And of course HRC told the tech audience that her election loss had nothing to do with her stupidity, laziness and complete ignorance of all things tech, but everything to do with Russia, Comey, sexism, and now Macedonia.

Hillary blames Russia and Macedonia for her election loss.

Here is what HRC said regarding Macedonia, full text HERE:

“So this was different because they went public, and they were conveying this weaponized information and the content of it, and they were running, y’know there’s all these stories, about y’know, guys over in Macedonia who are running these fake news sites, and you know I’ve seen them now, and you sit there and it looks like you know sort of low level CNN operation, or a fake newspaper.”


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