George Soros Is Using U.S. Taxpayer Money To Push Socialist Causes - In Macedonia

The United States is one of the biggest financial contributors to global stability through its Agency for International Development (USAID), which channels its funds for projects in the area of democracy, education and economic growth. Tens of millions of dollars have been earmarked over the past few years to the Republic of Macedonia.

Unfortunately, good intent is always open to manipulation by those with self-serving interest. This is exactly what is happening in Macedonia as American billionaire George Soros is using these USAID funds for his own political purposes and personal gain.

Soros and his Open Society Institute have been meddling in Macedonia and its politics for years. The only change is since 2012, through USAID funding, Soros is letting the America taxpayer pick up the tab.

Buying influence, inserting itself into Macedonian politics and media, and creating instability across the country are standard operating procedures of the Open Society Institute. It has spent millions of dollars conducting relentless attacks against the pro-western Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization – Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity (VMRO DPMNE) in favor of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM) – formerly the Communist Party of Macedonia.

This manipulation of intent is a three-step process, starting with the receipt of the USAID grants. The Open Society Institute then provides the funding to non-government organizations. The money is then donated to the SDSM. Although camouflaged, Soros’ audit trail does not disappear.

The organization Stop Operation Soros (SOS) has been reporting about this matter, while naming members of Parliament, former ministers of the SDSM government, and other high profiled members of SDSM who are part of this operation.

The majority of USAID grants implemented through the Soros’ network go to the same limited circle of organizations and people behind them who are closely allied to Soros and his objectives of strengthening ultra-progressive and far-left movements, undermining the institutions and the policies implemented by the government, creating a situation of complete control over the media and the public space, and bringing down the legitimately elected conservative government led by VMRO DPMNE.

Concurrently, Soros and his organization are using journalists and media to promote his propaganda in Macedonia without registering the work that he is doing and the fake news he is trying to spread.

All of these actions are made with the final goal of establishing complete control over the country for Soros’ own benefit and implementation of radical policies supported by his organization. Unfortunately, Soros and his proxies will remain the main beneficiaries for the next 5-year USAID Civil Society Project 2016-2021 in Macedonia.

The Macedonian people have worked hard to overcome the chokehold once held on them by communism. They developed a great relationship with the United States. In 2002, President Bush recognized Macedonia by its constitutional name against the pressure of Greece. In 2008, Macedonia and the United States signed a “strategic partnership agreement.” Macedonia is the only country in the region, and one of few in the world, to have this kind of agreement.

Macedonia’s position on the Balkans and Southeast Europe is of key security importance for Europe and the US as gate-keeper for the Syrian refugee waves, and the ethnic harmony in Macedonia is the positive example for the region and why it should be protected. Macedonia is one of the best hopes for stability in a very fragile region. Stability and the rejection of extreme socialism are two things Soros is intent on preventing in Macedonia.

Businessman George Soros should not be allowed to use American funds to influence the future of Macedonia and manipulate Macedonian citizens for his own financial and ideological interests. The people of Macedonia and taxpayers of the United States deserve far better than this.


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