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Ana Stojanoska Wins 54th Racin Award

The 2017 Racin Award was given to Ana Stojanoska, for her novel "Me, Lin and Aftewards". For the first time ever, an honorary Racin Award was given posthumously to Croatian writer Predrag Matvejevic.

Veles Mayor Slavco Cadiev and Vladimir Jankovski, who headed the jury, gave the golden wreath to the award winning writer, along with the 1.000 EUR prize.

"This recognition is like a constellation of stars for me. It tells me that all the words I have played with for over a decade have found their place in the Macedonian literature", said Stojanoska. The event, dedicated to Macedonian poet Kosta Racin and held for the 54th time, was closed with a concert by pianist Dino Imeri

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