International Monodrama Festival Bitola 2017 kicks off

Ten monodramas from Estonia, Croatia, Russia, the Netherlands, Poland, Israel, Slovenia, Germany and Macedonia will compete for prestigious Grand Prix at the 19th edition of International Monodrama Festival Bitola 2017, which kicks off Friday evening in Bitola’s Cultural Centre.

The play “Wedding Game” starring Igor Dzambazov and Vesna Petrusevska will open the festival.

The festival’s competition programme which will begin on Saturday includes monodramas performed by actors Vyacheslav Rybnikov (Estonia), Juraj Aras (Croatia), Valeriya Zilina (Russia), Funda Müjde (The Netherlands), Violeta Komar (Poland), Victor Atar (Israel), Mirel Knez (Slovenia),

Moreover, German actor Willi Schlüter, who will perform “Odyssey” monodrama, Macedonian monodrama “Lolita” by Bitola actor Aleksandar Dimitrov and “God is Alive” performed Dragana Bosnic will compete this year as well.

Festival which runs from May 5 to 9 will feature monodramas by world-famous authors like Dostoevsky, Marina Tsvetaeva, Vladimir Nabokov, Vladan Desnica and Goran Stefanovski.

International jury is consisted of president Emre Erdem (Turkey) and members Polet Smith (the Netherlands), Nina Mazur (Germany), Igor Dzambazov and Atila Klinche from Macedonia.

The International Monodrama Festival Bitola 2017 is supported by the Ministry of Culture.


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