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Process for construction of secondary and tertiary gas pipeline launched

The calls for construction of the secondary and tertiary gas pipeline through public-private partnership are published Saturday in Macedonian newspapers and will be also available in the European Union's public procurement database TED.

This launches the process of secondary and tertiary gas distribution process in Macedonia, expected to cost about EUR 150 million. It will encompass 17 municipalities in the Skopje region, 36 municipalities in the East region and 26 municipalities in the West region.

"I believe these calls will trigger interest and increase competition, eventually benefiting companies, the country and the end users", said Vice Premier Vladimir Pesevski at Friday's press conference.

Regarding the primary gas distribution system, the Klecovce-Stip gas pipeline has been completed, while construction of sections Stip-Negotino, Negotino-Bitola and Skopje-Tetovo-Gostivar is ongoing. Additional 13 sections and 8 forks for industrial zones are to be built in the coming period. The total investment in the primary network currently amounts to about EUR 350 million. If everything goes according to plans, the primary gas distribution system is to be completed by 2020.

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